My Profile and Stuff

  • I just discovered today that for a long time, my profile has been set to only allow moderators to post to it.  I wanted to let everyone know that was not intentional, I wasn't aware I had this setting on, and I have fixed the setting.  If you have tried to post on my profile and was unable to, I apoligize.  I wasn't trying to keep people away.  I invite everyone to talk to me.


    And while I'm writing this, I'd like to remind everyone that I have a video game themed YouTube Channel, and I've been increasing the number of videos I post there considerably lately.  I'm really striving to get more viewers and subscribers, so if you have not checked out my channel, please do so, and subscribe while you're at it.  I would really, really, really appreciate it.


    You can find my YouTube Channel here


    I do unboxings, reviews, and other random video game related stuff.  I've recently started doing Let's Play's, and I'm about to start doing First Impressions videos of games.


    Here are some of my most recent videos:


    How to get to World Negative One in Super Mario Bros.


    Unboxing Woody Woodpecker and Friends Classic Cartoon Collection Volume 1


    Unboxing Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter for SNES


    Review of Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride for DS


    Let's Play - Child of Light 


    The more views and subscribers I get, the more encouraged I get to keep creating and posting more content.  So please check out my channel, subscribe, click like on all the videos, comment on them, and all that other stuff you do on YouTube channels.  And tell all your friends about it, too.  I would really love to start seeing the rate of views and subscribers go up.


    And again, you can now post on my profile.  So stop by my profile and let me know what you think about any of my videos, or if you want to chat about anything.  I appreciate your time, and thank you for using World of Anime.