Introducing World of Anime Classic

  • Today I am very happy to be announcing the biggest news for World of Anime since the original World of Anime launched in 2009.

    If you have been following my History of World of Anime blog posts, you'll know that in the last entry, I mentioned that for the past 9 or so months, I have been working on an entirely new version of World of Anime, designed to look and behave like the original World of Anime. Today I am releasing the first version of this web site, which I am calling World of Anime Classic. You can access this web site at

    Since I am sure there are many questions, I am going to announce this in a question/answer format. I hope this will clear up many of the things you may want to ask. And if there are other questions, you can always ask me.

    Q. What? ANOTHER World of Anime? Does this mean I have to re-register again?
    A. No, World of Anime Classic uses your existing World of Anime e-mail and password to log in.

    Q. Ok, that's good. So, what exactly is World of Anime Classic?
    A. World of Anime Classic is another way to view World of Anime. It is an entirely new web site, created from scratch (as the original World of Anime was), except this time the core social networking features are handled by the existing World of Anime site. So your account, and all of your friends and posts and other stuff like that will all remain.

    Q. Why exactly would I want to use this?
    A. Read my 4 part History of World of Anime to get the full explanation. The short answer is that World of Anime as it currently stands is bland, hard to create new stuff for, and not fun to use (in my opinion). World of Anime Classic brings back the fun of the original site, and lets me actually create new features for you guys to use again.

    Q. New features? Like what?
    A. If you used the original World of Anime, you will remember an Anime Database, along with Fan Fiction, which were quite popular in their times. Both of those features are now back, with all of their original content in place. They are not quite at the point where you can add your own content, but that's coming. But for now, you can read all of the over 1,400 chapters of Fan Fiction from the original World of Anime, and even see all of the comments people wrote, and their reviews and ratings. Same for the Anime Database, there are almost 750 anime titles in the database, with nearly 5,000 episodes. Again, this will be expanded in the future to allow you to add your own content, but for now you can see all the original content from the site.

    Q. Sounds good. What else is new?
    A. Here's a list of some of the things you might want to try out on World of Anime Classic:

    • Your Profile page has your info from World of Anime, like About Me, Favorite Anime, Favorite Movies, and Groups. There is also a partial list of your profile messages, more on that later.
    • The "Now Doing" blocks are back! A feature from the original World of Anime, you can now add text for what you are doing under "Now Watching", "Now Playing", "Now Reading", and "Now Doing"
    • World of Anime Themes are back!  At the bottom of the site, there is a drop down menu for themes.  They are "Classic", "Spring (my favorite)", "Disco", "Vintage", "Steampunk", and "Festival".  Just select the theme you want and the look of the site will change.
    • Easier way to search for your friends. Once logged in, go to My Friends, and you will see icons of all your friends. Start typing in their name and the list will instantly be narrowed down until you find who you are looking for.
    • Chat is now a link to the old Mibbit chat, which is a web based IRC chat room. It works much better than the chat that is currently on the site, which I don't believe works at all.


    In addition to these, wherever possible I have been adding sections to World of Anime Classic to match the look of the classic World of Anime site, but of course they still connect to the current site behind the scenes, so you will be seeing the content from the current World of Anime. Examples of this include My Groups, My Image Galleries, My Blog, Latest Blogs, and Friend Requests. Many sections are still not done, and so they just link back to regular World of Anime. The plan is to migrate them to World of Anime Classic eventually. Examples of this include Anime Answers, Forums, Search for Members, Private Messages, and Notifications.

    Q. Wow, you made another whole web site just so you could make World of Anime look like the original World of Anime? Are you crazy?
    A. Yes.

    Q. Why do the posts on my profile only show some of the posts?
    A. Mostly because this is currently a work in progress. The plugin I am using to connect to the core of World of Anime is a little confusing when it comes to posts, as it classifies posts into many different types. I'm working on trying to get more types of posts to show up, but for now there are only certain types of posts which are showing.

    Q. Why can I only view stuff on the new site, and not post stuff?
    A. Again, work in progress. The plan is to slowly roll out more integration with core World of Anime, which will include being able to make posts on World of Anime Classic. Also being able to add new titles and chapters to the Anime Database and add new Fan Fiction is planned as well.

    I hope this has been enough to get you excited about looking at and using the new site. The key thing to keep in mind is that this is a work in progress. I'm only launching it now because I've put so much time and effort into it and I wanted to get it out there for people to start using, even though there is still lots left to do. By using the site and letting me know what you think of it, you can help guide the future of World of Anime Classic, as well. I hope everyone will try it out and let me know what you think. As always, I thank you for using World of Anime, and I'm very happy to be bringing the past back. In many ways, World of Anime Classic really is the future of World of Anime. I consider it much more to be my true vision for World of Anime, and it is where all of the new features developed for the site will be.  Enjoy, and as always, thanks for being a World of Anime member!

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    ▀▀ Great work. : )
    May 21, 2019
  • Clairisa
    Clairisa Thank for the hard work Meeko! :-) That's why the new site is so quiet? Is it because everyone is on the classic world of Anime?
    Jan 31