Big Changes Are Coming to World of Anime

  • I've mentioned this a bit in passing lately, but I wanted to let everyone know about my plans for the future of this site, so everyone can be prepared.

    In short, I am building an entire new World of Anime site. (But wait, didn't you already do this once? Or twice?)  Yes, and here are the reasons, and what is different this time.

    I built the first World of Anime site in 2009, and it was built completely from scratch by me.  It ran until 2015, when the site had its first reboot.  This was a result of the original code the for the site not scaling well and too many bugs that were going to be next to impossible to fix.  For the reboot, instead of building from scratch, I went with an off the shelf social networking platform.  That's why the site looks just like a generic version of any other social networking site you would use, and really has no character in my opinion.

    World of Anime Classic was an attempt to bring back the character of the original site, and it was a complete re-write by me, only this time I used an API plugin to the main World of Anime so people could use their existing accounts and data.  I also re-used all the HTML and CSS, so the site looks exactly like the original World of Anime, even though under the hood it is completely new code.  It was a good idea, I think, but it is still suffering from the problem now of being tied to the same out of the box package.  Additionally, as I'm sure you have noticed, the software the site runs on now is *really* slow.  Slow enough that I don't know how anyone actually uses the site anymore.  And the usage of the site shows it, I barely see more than 10 or 12 people tops of the site at any time, and its frequently 5 or less.  The old site, at its peak, would regularly have 50 to 60 people on the site at the same time, and interactions going on constantly.  I want to get back to that, and the only way I see to do so is to start over and this time create the entire site from scratch again, like I did back in 2009.  So that's what I am at the start of doing.

    I'll keep posting more information as things progress, but I wanted to let everyone know so they have a chance to get any data they want from the site.  Sometime in the next few days, I will be turning off World of Anime Classic, so if you want to take one last look at it, you can do so at  Don't worry, some of its design might come back for the new World of Anime.  I am quite fond of the look.

    As for this site, I don't know exactly when I'll be turning it off yet.  Right now, I will only commit to keeping the site up as it is until the end of March, 2020.  So use this time to get what data you want from the site.  With what I'm planning now, the new site will go up in pieces, with features going live as I create them.  I don't want to to wait until I have lots of stuff ready, I want to get something up as quickly as possible.  So whenever I have the minimum I consider ready for the site, it will be going up and then new things built and added on as they are ready.

    Again, I will give more details as I can, but some of the underlying principles that are guiding me in this new World of Anime build are:

    1. Speed.  I want the new site to be fast, this is a highest priority.

    2. Mobile friendly.  The original World of Anime looked awful on mobile, I believe.  This version of the site is somewhat better I think.  And with the new version, I'm going to focus on having everything look and work as good as possible on both desktop and mobile.

    3. Being able to view the site without being logged in or a registered user.  One of the things I really don't like about this version of the site is that you can't really do anything unless you become a member of the site.  The original World of Anime would allow you to look at profiles, see people's interactions with each other, and view pretty much any content on the site without having to register.  I want to get back to that type of site, I don't want to require people to have to register an account just to look at content.

    4. Administrators as a main focus.  When I built the first version of the site, I never had any thought that anyone other than me would have to do anything on the site.  And I didn't think I would have to do much, so I didn't even build many admin type tools for myself.  I did a lot of admin things directly in the database.  I discovered once the site became popular though that admins are essential.  This version of the site has admins, but the tools aren't that great and can be hard to use.  With the new site, I'm focusing on having administration of the site being a concern right from the start.

    5. More content, not just social networking.  I've never been a huge fan of social networking sites.  When I built the first World of Anime, I wanted that to not be the only focus of the site, but rather have lots of other content for people to consume.  That's why I added things like Fan Fiction, Anime Answers, and the Anime Database.  The plan was to go further with things like Fan Art, Anime News, and other anime related content.  I never got to those things, but with this new site, I want to once again bring a focus on having lots of content, not just social networking.  I'm branding the new site as an "Anime Community Site" instead of an "Anime Social Networking Site"  So expect the social networking aspect to not be the main focus of the site.

    I think that's enough for now.  Like I said I will post more information as I make some of my decisions.  I'm still in the planning and architecting stage, I haven't even started writing any code yet.  I just wanted to let everyone know early enough in the process of where I am planning on going with the site, and give everyone enough time to get whatever they needed from this site while it is still here.  Thank you all for listening, and I hope you all look forward to helping build a new, and hopefully much larger and more vibrant Anime Community with the next version of World of Anime!

  • Clairisa
    Clairisa looking forward to the new website! :-)
    Mar 27
  • ∞ Kai ∞ / ★ Rycon ★
    ∞ Kai ∞ / ★ Rycon ★ A new request has came in from Kiichan Hachi Hoshi...he wishes instead of dms through friends only, we also add the main room/ general chat that way everyone can all talk at once...ya'll think about it and reply when you get the chance... ...  more
    Mar 29
  • Ed! The Alchemist!
    Ed! The Alchemist! Wow!. That is huge news!. Sounds very awesome!. I will miss the site when its in development of the new one!. Wish the best for the new one!.
    Apr 5
  • Amine
    Amine Nice, If you need helping coding it, contact me!
    Apr 14