World of Anime Reboot: Update 1

  • It's been almost 2 months since I announced the upcoming World of Anime Reboot, and almost 1 month since I actively began coding.  I wanted to take a moment to give an update on how things are coming, as some of you have interacted with me over the past couple of months asking me about it.

    Things are starting to come together well, and I am very excited about this project.  The first month or so was largely spent on infrastructure and architecture decisions.  I had to decide on databases, platforms, frameworks, hosting, deployment strategies, etc...  There were a lot of choices, and a lot of possibilities.  I have done extensive research, weighing pros and cons of each and how they relate to the site I want WoA to become, and I am happy to say that I have made (nearly) all of the final decisions.

    Not only do I have the decisions made, I have most of the infrastructure already in place.  I have a dev and prod site in place, and am able to quickly add code and deploy it to either environment.  I have broken the back end API and the front end into separate projects for a clean separation of concerns.  This new site is going to be API driven, so in theory it will be possible at a later time to build multiple front ends to it (such as a mobile app).  That's way down the line though, I'm focusing on the web site now, I just wanted to point out that the groundwork will be there to add a mobile app later.

     As for the web site itself, here is what I currently have:

    Back end API can: Create a new user, authorize a user, delete a user, create a profile, update a profile, get a profile, authorize based on access level

    That last part is important because as I stated in my original post, I'm building moderation in from the beginning.  It will be easy for me to create actions and tools that only moderators can see, something that has never been implemented very well in WoA in the past, and will be absolutely essential as the site gets popular again.

    Front end can: Create a new user, log in a user, log out a user.

    The front end is largely unstyled right now.  I will be working my best on making the design be as uncluttered, mobile friendly, and accessible as possible.

    It may not sound like much, but its actually a huge step, and most of the work that has been done so far has been laying groundwork for the entire site.  Creating a user, authorization, logging in, and logging out are all the main fundamentals, along with having the infrastructure in place to be able to add code easily and get the site deployed quickly are all major steps.  In a way, I feel like the site is "ready" now, in the sense that there is a working site, just no features.  What is left now is just adding features and making it look nice.

    I will be working on adding functionality, features, and styling as much as I have time for and look forward to getting the site ready for you to use.  I hope you are all looking forward to the new site, and that you will help usher in the next exciting chapter for World of Anime!  I will also begin posting these periodic updates to keep you informed as to the progress of the new site.

    (This is a good time to remind you to get whatever you want to off of this site.  The reboot is going to start everything over new with the site, there will be no content carried over.)

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