World of Anime Reboot: Update 3

  • It's been quite some time since my last update regarding the upcoming World of Anime reboot, so I wanted to let everyone know how things are coming.

    I'll just say that things are still coming along very well, and we're getting closer to launch of the new site.  Since my last update, I have added many of the core features which are vital to the entire site.  These features are user notifications, friend requests (send a friend request, and be able to accept or reject a friend request), view a users list of friends (and filter them quickly to make it easy to find someone), private messages (can only send to friends), be able to comment/reply to private messages, have online status updated automatically as a logged in user uses the site, and be able to see who is currently online.

    With that, I think all of the absolutely vital features for launching are done.  There are only a couple more feature enhancements I want to add.  Then I'm going to be switching to bug fixing and visual site improvement mode.  As I continue to use the new site, I am constantly making notes of any bugs I find or things that could work better, or be made to look better.  I will be focusing all my time on getting those taken care of.  Also I am checking the new site on my phone a lot, to ensure that the mobile experience is as good as I can make it.

    I don't have a time estimate for all of this bug fixing and site experience improvements.  I think that in 1 month, I will have a much better idea of when I'll be ready to launch the new site.  I've been working on it for about 3 1/2 months at this point (the original World of Anime that I made in 2009 took me 9 months to build).  And while the new site is coming along very nicely, there is still much to do before it is ready for use.  I just wanted to keep everyone updated on its progress, and to know that it is still being actively worked on almost every day, and I am very excited and eager to have it out in use as soon as it possibly can be.

    And as usual, I will remind everyone that when the new site goes live, this site is going to go away.  There will be no accounts or content moved over to the new site.  So make sure you have copies of everything from this site that you want to keep.

  • David
    David cool buddy, keep up the good work. we all waiting for it.
    Jul 18
  • Clairisa
    Clairisa Can't wait !
    Jul 22
  • Murmur-chan
    Murmur-chan This is a nightmare lol i have questions:
    none of this will exist anymore?
    Will every member get notifications? (pleasee)
    Is it banned on school firewalls? (so many school people get on...  more
    Sep 30
  • Maxxers
    Maxxers Will always appreciate all the love you put into this site. Can't wait to see the new one ^-^