World Of Anime Revival - First Step

  • Do you remember how World of Anime used to be?  Do you long for those days when we had the most awesome community of anime fans?  One thing I used to always be proud of World of Anime was that even though we weren't the largest collection of anime fans on the Internet, we were the friendliest.  I would watch conversation and it was almost always people being nice to each other, welcoming each other, helping each other, and just generally getting along.

    Somewhere along the way, that has gone downhill.  Sometimes now I'm frankly embarrassed to read World of Anime and see the kind of conversations going on.  It seems now that its only a matter of time before a troll shows up and starts lobbing insults and just generally spewing deplorable talk.  Some people ignore them (good idea), some people try to argue back (bad idea), but the worst result is when people just give up and leave.

    I've had enough, and I hope you have too.  Its time to take back World of Anime, and restore it to its glory days of friendliness!  I'm troubled at how empty the site has become at times.  It's never been a huge community, but until recently it has usually remained steadily populated throughout the day.  Now a lot of the posts I see are people asking why its so empty, and people saying the site is dead and the reason is because of all the fights and drama that shows up.

    This is what I want to change.  I have a few steps in mind for getting World of Anime back, and this is the first.  Even though I don't post a whole lot, I read a whole lot of people's comments, so I see what is going on.  I see the constant requests to have moderators, and this is something I have been investigating for quite some time now.  This is something that is going to have to happen, and I will be posting again shortly about this.

    For now, I have come up with what I call the "Basic Rules of World of Anime"  There are only 6, and they should be common sense.  I may add or subtract to them as I see fit, but I think this is a good start.  Please let me know if you see the need for any changes.

    The 6 Basic Rules of World of Anime are:

    1. Don't be a jerk.
    2. Try to be nice to everyone.
    3. If you can't be nice to someone, don't say anything to them.
    4. Don't feed the trolls.
    5. Don't be a troll.
    6. For all other situations, see rule #1.

    I think this is a good first step for getting World of Anime back on track.  Thanks for listening, I'll be posting more info soon on my ideas on reviving World of Anime.  I hope you keep enjoying the site for a long time to come!

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    COLDFALL I get rule 1, I'm not sure what "troll" is however :d
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  • Meeko
    Meeko A troll is someone who posts messages or content with the express purpose of either upsetting people or causing arguments or confrontation. Feeding the trolls means that you take their bait, and post back and continue the argument. This usually spirals...  more
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    COLDFALL Ohh I see, I suppose that could be considered similar to being a jerk; posting things with the sole purpose of upsetting someone and that sort of thing, while there will always be arguments as long as people have different opinions, what matters is how...  more
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