Announcing My New Project - a Sister Site to World of Anime

  • In my last post, I outlined my desires for having a World of Anime revival.  I mentioned that the need for moderators was going to be discussed, which I am going to get to now.

    First of all, I have been testing the built in moderation system for the software package that World of Anime uses, and it is not going to be able to do what I want.  It doesn't give moderators enough power to do what is necessary, so I'm going to have to buy a moderator plugin for the site before we can have a real moderator system.

    Which brings me to my next topic - future expansion of the site, and how to pay for it.  I have seen lots of requests from people to have new features, like moderators, a better chat system, more fun things to do, and to have a real app version of the site.  All of these are desires of mine, too, but they require money to buy.  Unfortunately, with the advertisements I currently have on the site, the site only barely makes enough each month to pay for the web hosting.

    It was my hope when switching platforms last year that the advertising revenue would increase, allowing me to expand the site further with new features, but that hasn't happened.  I have decided that there needs to be another avenue for the site to make money if I'm going to be able to add these new features on to the site, so I have begun work on a new site which I hope will become more profitable over time.

    This new site, which I am calling a Sister Site to World of Anime, is a collaboration with me and my son, and it stems from our love of video games.  He loves watching YouTube videos of the video games he plays, and several months ago starting telling me he wished he could have a YouTube channel.  I suggested that we should do our own reviews of video games and post them.  Out of that idea, I have decided that my new project would be both a web site and YouTube channel where I post any kind of news and information on anything I like, along with doing my own reviews of anything I like, but probably focusing mostly on video games, at least at first.

    The web site is *very* new right now, so there is not much content, but I am focusing most of my time and effort on it.  The YouTube channel is still in the works, as we are still busy preparing our first game review, and figuring out the details (like the format of our reviews, how to record gameplay footage, writing and recording commentary, etc...)  But eventually there will be a corresponding YouTube channel for the web site.

    We have named the web site and YouTube channel "Raccoon's Cave", a reference to what we call our basement where we spend a lot of our time playing video games and watching cartoons.  You can find the web site at

    My hope is that with this web site, and YouTube channel, a new audience will be attracted to it and it will open up new opportunities to bring in revenue.  Since I am calling this a Sister Site to World of Anime, anything I make from this site can be used to help improve World of Anime, and to expand it with new features, starting with a moderator plugin.  So supporting this web site means supporting World of Anime.

    So please take a look if it is the kind of thing you are interested in.  You can help support me by supporting this new site, let others know about it if it is something they would be interested in, post links about it, etc...  And look for the corresponding YouTube channel to be coming sometime in the future.  Let me know what you think, and any suggestions you may have.  Thanks!

  • Mr Aki Doki Oki Sir
    Mr Aki Doki Oki Sir If You Need Funds, could you put up PayPal, or Patreon? You could always take donation from the people of the Woa
    October 1, 2016
  • Meeko
    Meeko It may be possible, but I'm not sure if I would want to do that. First, while I consider it a Sister Site, I want to keep a clear separation between the 2, and I think the audience for each site will be quite different (with some crossover, of...  more
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