Introducing the Drama Club

  • I know a lot of you have been annoyed lately at all the drama that is appearing in the main feed. The problem is that the main feed shows everything from everyone's public posts, and even if you block someone, you still see their comments in the main feed. Blocking just prevents them from sending you messages or posting on your profile.


    I have come up with what I hope will help relieve some of the noise. It is a new group called the "Drama Club" It's designed specifically as an outlet for these outbursts of drama that have been coming lately. The group is set so that only members of the group see comments, so it won't fill up your main feed if you aren't a member of the group.


    Also, the group is designed so you can join and leave as often as you want. So if you have the need to have it out with someone, join this group and do it there, please! The rest of the site doesn't want to watch you argue, so have some courtesy and take it there. When you're done, you can leave the group again so it doesn't fill up your main feed. Or maybe you just love all kinds of drama, and you want to read everyones fights. That's fine, too. Stay a member of the group. Just please stop arguing all the time in the main feed.


    If you want to help things out, if you see drama brewing in the main feed, please recommend that they take it to the Drama Club. Remind people that not everyone wants to see this, and there is an outlet on the site specifically for this behavior.


    You can find the new group here:

    Drama Club