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  • Since 2009, World of Anime has grown - very slowly - from nothing into what I believe is the best, and friendliest community of anime fans on the internet. I would like to take the site and community to the next level, which involes the addition of many more features and upgraded server hardware.


    Over the years, several members of the site have suggested to me to offer a way for users to make donations to support the continued operation and growth of the web site. Up until recently, I had been reluctant to do so, instead trying to support the growth of the site solely through advertising revenue. However, the site makes such little in advertising revenue that it will be next to impossible to grow the site and add all of the new features I'd like to without other avenues for revenue.


    So now due to user suggestion, I have added a donation section to the web site. If you would like to support the continued operation, and the growth and expansion of the web site, you can do so by making a PayPal donation by clicking on the "Support" link on the left hand navigation, or going directly to the support page here:


    You can also help out by buying anime stuff through our affiliate links, which I will keep a list of on the following page:


    Of course, this is all completely optional, and there are many other ways you can help the site that are completely free. Mainly, use the site, participate in the community, be friendly with everyone, and most importantly - if you know any anime fans who aren't on the site, get them to join! Do you participate in any other anime communities? If so, mention the site over there, and ask people to give us a chance. We need users, and word of mouth from you guys is one of the best ways to get the word out about our community.


    Thank you for everything you do for the community. The site is all for you, and I want everyone to enjoy it and have fun with it. I appreciate anything you can do to help the community grow and get better. I look forward to the site providing you with the best place to meet and communicate with other anime fans for many years to come.

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  • Meeko
    Meeko I agree completely. The site is always more pleasant when people are getting along.
    October 24, 2016 - 2 like this