Welcome the first site moderator

  • Just posted this in the Site Announcements forum, but since I figured not everyone reads the forums, I would post it here as well.


    Almost since the beginning of this web site, people have asked me why there are no site moderators. I've seen countless people say that's the number one thing this site is missing, especially when the drama club comes out or we have an influx of spammers and lowlifes who join the site and start spewing massive amounts of garbage that no one wants to wade through or should have to even see.


    My answer is that I have always been nervous about handing the power of the site to other people. This is because at my core, I am ultimately in favor of freedom, and giving people an uncensored outlet for expressing their own unique voice. I've been afraid that if I started giving other people the ability to moderate, that they would over-moderate. I don't want people to delete other people's posts just because they write something they don't agree with. Or that the site fragments in such a way that those who have power are blindly followed so as to stay on their good side because people are afraid that disagreeing with them or saying something they don't like will get you kicked out of the club. That sounds way too much like high school, and thankfully I've been out of that for enough years that I think I've finally recovered from its toxic effects. And I don't want to go back.


    Anyway, with all of that said, I have long been seeing that the need for moderators was going to become inevitable on the site. Between my family and my job, I don't have enough time to actually spend dealing with issues that arise when people don't behave like civilized human beings. And when I do finally get some time to hang out on the site, I'd rather spend it talking about things I like, like video games.


    So I am very happy to announce that the site now has its very first moderator, Hellwing. I asked him a few weeks ago if he would like to be a moderator, and he accepted. There are several reasons why I asked him. I believe that he shares my vision for giving users freedom of expression, and that his power of moderation will only be used when necessary to keep order on the site. Also, he is on the site very frequently, and is very engaging to everyone, especially new members. He is very approachable and welcoming to new members, making them feel comfortable on the site.


    So I wanted to make the announcement to everyone that Hellwing is a moderator on the site, and that if you have any questions or concerns with anything on the site, you can come to him and he will be able to help you.