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  • Hi

    HI Everyone I was gone for two half weeks, I went to see the amazing  things. I went to the giant RedWoods, and I saw the log where they filmed Star Wars return of the Jedi and when they filemed Jerssica Park also. So cool, I'm back home now, I'll try hard to get back on here agian. anyways I h...
  • Hey

    Hi everyone, I hope everyone had a nice christmas and new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND YEAR 2016. I'm taking drawing requestes if you guys are insterated. I'm going to list some animes that i know if you guys want me to draw you. fell free to leave me a comment.   Naruto Digimon Anime Moon Phas...

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to tell you I got a sinus infecation, sick. but i'm feeling a little better. I hope Everyone has a Wonderful Christmas and New Year. I'm getting my tree tomorrow. I hope you guy could comment on blog. I'm glad i have friends like you.     Rin and Len Kagamine ...
  • hi

    Hi Everyone, I'm getting sexual abuse on here, so if you have any comments or comfort for me please comment me, or write me a message, I'm getting mad, upset and I don't like it, I told this person to stop it for a long time now and he won't stop. I don't want to block anyone, i'm here to talk about...
  • hey

    Hi everyone, I worked out yesterday and i have really bad sore musules now. i hurt all over. ouch. well just wanted to let you guys know, im ok but hurt.   Rin and Len out.
  • Sleeping now

    Well good night everyone
  • So HAPPY

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know I got fifth place on my bowling tournament yesterday, I got accepted to Calforina state for bowling other words i'm going to State. I'm so happy, I Love Bowling, my couch calles it girl rule boys drule. hehe. anyways please leave me a comment.
  • Hello Meow

    isn't this a cute picture Rin is playing with Len's tail and he's eating a fish, I love kitty's a lot. going to Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Haunt with my niece and nephew next Wednesday. fun.
  • Hi

    Hi everyone, I'm back from vacation, i had fun, but boring, I got my flu shot today my arm hurts right now, but it will get better. Please friend me. my username is Rin and Len Kagamine. Thanks can't wait to hear from you.   Rin and Len.