The Story of Shrek Senpai

  • Shrek Senpai always lived alone in his swamp. No one appreciated him :(. Until one day, in his fairytale hut a talking donkey appeared and spoke loving words to Shrek Senpai, which started a friendly bonding ship between Shrek Senpai and Donkey-Kun. Everyday was an adventure of romance and drama, everyday their bonding ship grew more and more. Shrek Senpai noticed upon coming back to his hut, no Donkey-Kun. Yet, he saw a letter placed onto his bed reading...

    "Dear, Shrek Senpai

        I'm sorry i had to leave you like this, though I had to save the dragon from this kingdom 'tis an order from the King and now I have to leave you me beloved one...For I will always be in you're heart... keep telling yourself that I will always be in your heart no matter what. My prescence will always surround you, don't forget that. Though on my behalf I will always tell myself that "Shrek is love, Shrek is life."

                                                Love,<3                                                                              Donkey-Kun                                                                                                                      

    Once finishing reading, Shrek Senpai cried onto the bed letting out a mighty roar into the night, never forgetting his partner in life...


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  • Beauty
    Beauty This just made my night :')
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  • Nic-Chan
    Nic-Chan I.... the emotions that are coursing through me as of right now. This touched my heart on so many levels. ;-;
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