Kyoukai no Kanata review

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    For my first ever anime review, i'm going to be reviewing on of my personal favorites, Beyond the Boundary, or Kyoukai no Kanata.

    This beautiful story starts off by introducing you to Akihito Kanbara and Mirai Kuriyama, with Akihito trying to prevent Mirai, whom he just met, from "suicide." She, in turn, stabs him thru the heart with a red sword. Akihito, still alive, politely askes a confused Mirai to remove the sword from his chest. Turns out, Akihito is half Youmu (Youmu are basically the equivalent to monsters) and Mirai is a spirit world warrior, whose job is to kill Youmu, and whose "magical ability" as a spirit world warrior is to turn her blood into a weapon (hence the red sword at the beginning.) 

    First off, the story. The creator, Nagomu Torii, balanced the story well. It draws you in from the very first episode and makes you fall in love with the characters (We'll get to the characters later.) Without spoiling too much, Akihito is very much human and Youmu, with traits from both sides of his lineage being represented in the show. Mirai has a unexpected past that just makes you sympathize with her. The characters make a great team and help each other grow. Torii also does a excellent job of including the side characters like the 3 Nase siblings, Mitsuki, Hiroomi, and Izumi, with Mitsuki and Hiroomi mainly being showcased. But I digress. The story is well-crafted and beautiful :)

    The characters summed up in one or two sentences. Akihito Kanbara: Half-human, half-Youmu. He's very loyal and often puts his life in danger for his friends. He also likes girls in glasses. Mirai Kuriyama: An adorable spirit world warrior. She can morph her blood into a weapon, which is what makes her unique in the anime world (haven't met any others use their blood as a weapon.) Mitsuki Nase: A spirit world warrior, like Mirai. She's sarcastic and has a reserved exterior, but she's loyal. Hiroomi Nase: A spirit world warrior who mainly relies on barriers. He cares about Mitsuki and takes pride in the fact that she is his little sister. Izumi Nase: The current head of the Nase family. Very powerful and serious spirit world warrior. Ayaka Shindou: A friendly Youmu who runs a store. They rely on her for spirit world information. Ai Shindou: Also a Youmu, but younger-looking. Very adorable :) Shizuku Ninomiya: A powerful spirit world warrior. She's the alcohol-loving-sensei type character who teaches for a job. Sakura Inami: A member of her family was killed and she seeks vengeance thru immense power.

    Remember, this is a least-amount-as-possible-spoilers-review.

    I highly recommend watching this anime if you haven't. I absolutely love it :)

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