• Do you believe that dreams have a meaning? Or maybe it’s something we want, something we wish would happen. Every time I have a dream I think to myself,” does this mean something?” When I dream of my friends, family, even people I don’t know, or maybe I dream of someone that’s not even real. Maybe my mind is just imagining a story that has just begun. A story that I want my life to be like, something exciting so amazing that not even you if you’re in a dream or not, something you don’t expect to happen in your life. Maybe it’s just a fantasy I’m dreaming of. Maybe I’m asking for too much just being selfish but everybody is a little selfish. I want to live my life being me, who I am not anybody else but me.  I want to live by being myself and not being scared too and not being afraid of what other people say. I seem to always be day dreaming about something weather it’s at school, home, or outside. I go into a daze every time, I know it’s dangerous mostly when I’m outside but I can’t help it. I’m mostly dreaming of a better life that I can live. A life that probably won’t happen in a life time. I dream of freedom, a place where I can be myself. I dream of adventure and love, what do you dream about?

                                                                                                  ~love ya guys!

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    OLD-SOUL technically its an amalgamation a all your short tem memories being warped as they are past through your brain to become "permanent storage" memory. like running from RAM to HHD. so things come through mixed. but dreams are like Rorschach tests...  more
    December 30, 2017
  • Sasuke
    Sasuke let's just hope that there exists something like the infinite tsukuyomi xD
    April 12, 2018