The runaway project(episode 1)

  • The Runaway project (episode 1)

    Caroline: *is writing in her journal, waiting for Jake to get out of detention*
    Jake: *Sighs and walks out of the room* Hi Caroline.
    Caroline: *jumps a little* oh *stands up* what did you do this time?
    Jake: Mouthed off. Again. *Smiles mischievously* I slept through the entire detention.
    Caroline: Why would- *sighs* nevermind .
    Jake: What? I can't help myself. What'cha writing, huh?.
    Caroline: *quickly closes book* N-nothing *laughs nervously*
    Jake: *Tries to take the book** C'mon. You writing letters to your boyfriend or something?
    Caroline: **as she hides the book behind her back** no! And besides you know I don't have a boyfriend.
    Jake: Yeah. We're both lonely. Eh whatever. We better get back before we both get our tails whipped.  
    Caroline: yeh
    Jake: **Walks to his foster home** Ugh. I wonder what they're going to do to me.
    Caroline: **walking home by herself to her group foster home, is looking down at journal while walking**
    Jake : **thinking while walking**
    Caroline: **is running back to the foster care home because she is passed curfew (6:30, it's 7:00)**
    Jake: **Sighs while walking** Another detention. Of course. Can you keep your moth shut one time?
    Caroline: **finally gets there and is getting fussed and yelled at**
    Jake: **Walks in the his front door and doesn't listen when getting yelled at**
    Caroline: **she is crying while getting yelled at**
    Jake: **Turns around, sighing** I'm leaving. Today. **leaves and heads his way to Caroline's house**
    Caroline: **crying still getting fussed at**
    Jake: **walks into her foster care home and hears hergetting yelled at, 
    Whispers** crap
    Caroline: JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! **cries worse** 
    Jake: **Walks behind her and waves to her foster parents**
    Foster parents: why are you here??!??!??!! Your the reason why she's passed curfew!!!
    Caroline: no he isn't! don't yell at him!
    Foster parents: don't you talk! Unless we tell you! **they slaps her hard enough to make her fall** your grounded! **walks out**
    Caroline: **on the floor crying**
    Jake: Calm down! . It's my fault! that i got another detention. She was waiting for me and wanted to walk home with me.!  **Turns to Caroline** Hey, are you okay?  **kneels next to her and wipes her tears away**
    Caroline: **looking down, (says) voice shakey** yes 
    Jake: ** he moves her head up and looks into her pure crystal blue eyes** No you're not. You can't say that and you're voice be that shaky.
    Caroline: I-I'm f-fine **teared up**
    Jake: **looks away** sure you are.... **he leans in closer to her and whispers** I'm running away.. Leaving today.......
    (The end of episode 1)