The runaway project(episode 2)

  • The Runaway project (episode 2)

    (this is a continuation of episode 1 this takes place right after Jake told Caroline he's running away)
    Caroline: eh! W-what? W-why?
    Jake: I can't stand this place.. You wanna come **smiles**.
    Caroline: W-what would we do?.
    Jake: I-I don't know **breaths in deeply** All I know is that you need to leave this place.
    Caroline: when would we leave?
    Jake: now **his voice is clam and loving**
    Caroline: How? I'm grounded they won't let me leave the house and have you noticed it's no windows in the place so I can't sneak out **looks down**
    Jake: Why do they need to know? They're not paying attention to us.
    Caroline: ....... You really think we could survive out there on our own? How would we... Where would we go? The woods? Far far away?
    Jake: The woods? **Shrugs** I don't know. Just away from here.
    Caroline: Eh ok **she goes into her closet and gets a backpack out and  puts a first-aid kit in it,her journal, a few water bottles
    that she hid under her bed, a rope, a few clothes and blankets then puts on her favorite little jacket** well... I'm ready .
    Jake: I'm traveling light. They'd figure out immediately if I left with a backpack.
    Caroline: Well my backpack still has a few room in it so you can put a few things in mine **smiles**
    Jake: Alright. Thank you
    Caroline: Your welcome. Let's go?
    Jake: **turns into a arcanine and lays down**
    Caroline: **smiles and gets on his back** our journey awaits
    Jake: **takes off running out the front door**
    (to be continued)