The Runaway project (episode 3)

  • The Runaway project (episode 3)


    (this episode takes place when they make it to the woods)

    **they make it to the woods**

    Jake: **Stops running in a small clearing near the center of the woods and lays down**

    Caroline:  Ok **she gets off of him** it looks pretty safe anyway.

    Jake: **he rolls over and scratches his back** I guess.

    Caroline: Eh **opens backpack and gets the blankets out and lays them on the ground, one in one spot the other in the other spot** now all we need is a fire.

    Jake: I got that covered **smiles and turns back into a human **.

    Caroline:  I know  you do.

    Jake: **gets a few breaches and twigs and sits them down then makes a fire with his hands** Caroline, you sure you don't have any powers?.

    Caroline: well I never really tried.

    Jake: Why not? I found mine by accident. **Mutters to himself**
    That's also why I'm in this hell.

    Caroline: I guess I can try... But what would I do exactly?

    Jake: Just try to move this fire **as he points to the small fire he made** it's an element so maybe you never know.

    Caroline: like with my mind or something?

    Jake: well I use my hands but I don't want you burning yourself so yeah.

    Caroline: Ookay **she focuses on the fire as she closesher eyes and begans to see it moving in her mind, it goes out as soon as she open her eyes** eh! You put it out!!!

    Jake: **he puts his hand up in a defensive way as he says**
    I didn't do anything! I swear! I saw the twigs jump a little.

    Caroline: eh?!!!?! Lair!.

    Jake: you moved them! I didn't do anything I swear!.

    Caroline: but but that's impossible.
    Jake: wait **he makes a fire once more** try again but with your eyes open.

    Caroline: O-ok **as she focus on it and thinks of it moving while looking at it, it moves up** eh! **it quickly goes out** ehhhhh!!!!

    Jake: **amazed a little** see? I didn't do a thing

    Caroline: ehhhhh!!!!

    Jake: What?

    Caroline: I wonder if I can move you too hmmm **she looks at him**

    Jake: Wait what?! **he falls over**

    Caroline: eh? **sighs**

    Jake: I didn't do that. You pushed me over!

    Caroline: **sighs** no I didn't!.

    Jake: **trying not to laugh while speaking** your great at your power already just don't push me again!.

    Caroline: I didn't push you over!!! **she accidentally sent him flying back into a tree with her frustration**.

    Jake: ow! **he rubs the back of his head** the first was a joke!.

    Caroline: **her eyes widens and she runs to him and kneels next to him** I'm so so sorry I wasn't trying to.

    Jake: it's fine.. We should get some sleep. 

    (to be continued)