The Runaway project (episode 4)

  • The Runaway project (episode 4)


    (this episode takes place in the morning)

    **the next morning**

    Jake: **looks at Caroline sleeping** I'll let her sleep **he gets up and walks around the woods**

    Caroline: **wakes up** eh? **yawns** where is he? Eh **sighs** hm if I can move fire maybe I can move the wind **as she sits up and closes her big blue eyes and imagines it very windy, it gets very windy** eh! **the wind  stops** eh **yawns and sighs**

    Jake: **(is a Arcanine) walks back** oh hey your awake  **as his tail begans to wag and he licks her face** morning

    Caroline: ew! You licked me **laughs** goodmorning, I just thought of something we didn't bring absolutely nothing to eat!.

    Jake: **his stomach growls loudly** and I'm hungry too. I should probably turn back into a human **he does so**

    Caroline:  **hugs him** you could've stayed the way you were **smiles**

    Jake: **Stunned by her hug**
    R-Really? I didn't you you liked me as a dog.

    Caroline: .....I don't care if your one or not **smiles**

    Jake: **Turns back into an Arcanine and licks her face once more**
    Okay then.

    Caroline: **smiles** ew! You licked me again! **laughs** oh uh did you feel the wind pick up?

    Jake: uh yeah. A little anyway

    Caroline: yay! It worked! I did that! 

    Jake: oh really that's great **he sniffs** wait a second... I smell a human ima go look for him or her you stay here! **he runs off**.

    Caroline: **puts everything in her backpack and waits for him to come back**.

    Jake: **rushes back out of breathe** Hunters is looking for me we need to go, I don't think they saw me.

    Caroline: w-what- **a tranquilizer dart misses her by a hair**

    Jake: I mean now! **lays down**

    Caroline: **hops on his back and he takes off running at full speed**

    **once they think they have lost them Caroline realizes that there is a tranquil dart in him**

    Jake: **falls over**

    Caroline: **stands up** w-what?!

    Jake: i-i got hit by one **as he rolls over onto his back**

    Caroline: eh! **she's in shock as he passes out*

    (to be continued)