Equilibrium X (1º Chapter)

  • --- 1º Chapter ---  Father Surprise ---


         Just another normal day at the school where Kyara currently is, she is wating for the bell to ring, so that she ca go home, becasue her dad told her she has a surprise, and she loves when her dad surprises her. Meanwhile her best friend Lya notices how anxious Kyara is and asks her:


    - [Lya] - Whats going on Kyara?You loock anxious.

    - [Kyara] - Its becasue my Father told me yesterday that i have a surprise.

    - [Lya] - I am certainly your Father has another one of his toys to show you.

    - [Kyara] - Yes, i am almost certain that's the case, he alwasy shows me his new inventions.

    - [Lya] - Cool, i know how much you like that stuff.

    - [Class Teatecher] - Kyara and Lya, the class is almost ending, but i would like if you both could make silence this last five minuts until the end.Understood?

    - [Kyara and Lya] - We apoligize Teacher.


         The five minuts have passed and the class has finished, as Kyara and Lya leave the class they resume their conversation.


    - [Lya] - Do you think one day i can visit your fathers job?

    - [Kyara] - Hm, doubt it, he is alwasy very busy, but i guess it couldn't hurt  to ask.

    - [Lya] - Yeah, would be great

    - [Class student colleague] - Hi Lya, whats up? I know i cool place, would you like to come with me?

    - [Lya] - No, thank you

    - [Class student colleague] - I buy you ice cream!

    - [Lya] - I am not interested

    - [Class student colleague] - Pff, how boring, i am leaving!

    - [Lya] - Sry, Kyara Riko can be really anoying.

    - [Kyara] - Why is he always after you?

    - [Lya] - Thats becasue of my good loocks, he is alwasy after beatiful girls, but i am not that easy to conquer.

    - [Kyara] - Then if he never loocks at me, then that means i am ugly.

    - [Lya] - No, not all all you are cute Riko is a jerk, forget him!

    - [Kyara] - Thank you but i know i am chubby.

    - [Lya] - Nervermind, forget that, don't forget to ask your father what we have talked, ok?

    - [Kyara] - Ok, i wont, bye.

    - [Lya] - Bye, cya tomorrow.


         After that Kyara say goodbyes, both go their to their homes. As Kyara is walking towards her home, somewhere in the middle of the path, Kyara feels a brief chill, unuware of the reason for that suddent chill, someoone is loocking at Kyara from the shadows, after a while she notices that someone is falowing her, afraid she hurry ups to her home where she finally feels safe. At home as usualy her father's still not home and leaves a message to her saying that he apoligizes by not being already at home, but that today was for a diferent reason, because the surprise was at his job.

         Anxious to see what is this surprise she leaves home, and even forgot that whataver was falowing her could chase her again, but that wasn't the case, as she finnaly arrives at her father job facilities:


    - [Security] - Hi you must be Dr. Entronic daugther, isn't that right?

    - [Kyara] - Yes thats right, can i enter?

    - [Security] - Yes of course, your father is wating for you, but since its your first time we need you to come with us, because we need to make your registation, it will be fast.

    - [Kyara]- ok, but hurry up with that!(they enter a room so futuristic loocking, that Kyara is already speechless, for what she sees).

    - [Security] - Ok, X Corporation Inteligence has finished your registration, now fallow her voice, she will get you direclty to your father!

    - [Kyara] - Ok, cool

    - [X Inteligence] - Hi, Ms Kyara, welcome to our facilities, please fallow my instructions, so that you can meet with Dr. Entronic.

    - [Kyara], Ok

    - [X Inteligence] - Please, go past the reception and enter the Elevator.

    - [Kyara] - Ok, i passed by the reception, but i can't see the elevator

    - [X Inteligence] - Turn your left  90 degress, then walk 47 m and you should be able to see the elevator.


       As Kyara is falowing instructions, meanwhile in the elevator the X Inteligence, brielfy loocks as it failing and becomes silent for a few seconds and sudently with a more serious voice, it says to Kyara she is in danger, and Kyara is confused and asks why is she saying that, but Kyara got no anwser and briefly after she reaches the floor and so to speak her destiny, and as nothing has happened the X Inteligence goes to her normal voice.

    - [Dr. Entronic] - Hi, daugther, welcome swettie, how was your day today?

    - [Kyara] - Please, father don't call me that in front of everyone, well my day was normal exept from the fact X Inteligece told me i was in danger.

    - [Dr.Entronic] - Thats weird, it must be her humor, i think she still has a few flaws in understading Humans emotions, or in this case Humor.

    - [Kyara]- Yes, but it was a litle crippy, but nevermind so what is the surprise?

    - [Dr. Entronic] - Yes, i did promise. You see i have been creating alot of iventions, and some of them  are going to be open to the public and if you want you can try all of them first!

    - [Kyara] - So cool, thank you dad, after all this walking and havign to wait all this day i get to see something cool, ah and by the way so if it will be open to public that that mean i can bring my best friend, right?

    - [Dr. Entronic] - But of course, its for everyone. here come this way  let me show you what we have here!


         They both enter a room, that puts a big smile on Kyara face, she tries all machines, like the X Eye, that alows you to see information in real time in any place in your eye, or the X Power armor that alows you to lift very heavy objects, and even X Compressor that is used to compress any materials to  a very small size used mainly on food and so on, but as Kyara is enjoying her time with her father, X Intelligence voice speaks, while an emergency ring is heard very loud in all the facilities.


    - [X Intelligence] - Dr. Entronic, we have an emergy, its advice that you come quick to the X Room

    - (Scientist enters the room where Kyara and Dr. Entronic is) [Scientist] - Dr. Entronic sry, for bothering you we have an emergency and X Inteligence sent me here to ocupie with Kyara while you check the emergency.

    - [Dr. Entronic] - Ok i am going right away!

    - [Kyara] - Do you really have to go Father, i was having a great time with you.

    - [Dr. Entronic] - Sry Kyara, but i really need to go, i won't take long, i promise to compensate you!

    - [Kyara] - Somehow i doubt it.

    - [Scientist] - Don't worry Kyara, he won't take long i am Dr. kuichi. How old are you?

    - [Kyara] - I am 12 years old.


    - (Shorlty Dr. Entronic arrives at the X Room) [DR. Entronic] - Whats the problem about?

    - [Scientists in the X Room] - Sir we have a problem here, our Astronomy related team detected an Asteroid.

    - [Dr. Entronic] - Yes we detect alot of celestial objects everyday, so whats the real problem?

    - [Scientists in the X Room] -  One of the largest objects closest to us  was very far from the Keiper Belt, but a few minuts ago suddently apeared close to Jupiter.

    - [Dr. Entronic] Hm, thats strange, wasnt that an error?Did you made the calculations mannualy just in case?

    - [Scientists in the X Room] - Yes we did and we got the same results and X Inteligence, still theres no possible way that object could have moved so fast in space, but thats not all the current trajectory seems to indicate the Asteroid seems to be coming towards us and by the size of it it can create alot of damage if it its ground.

    - [Dr. Entronic] - Well, in that case you know very well we have tecnology to stop it, but whats strange is how it moved so fast and honeslty i am a litle intrigued now.

    - [Scientists in the X Room] - Well, we are not sure if this is a time to be intrigued

    - [Dr. Entronic] - Hm, I Have a program here that i recently made, is still a prototype, not sure if it will work, but lets make X Inteligence run it, if it work it should alows us to see the object with very good detail.

    - [X Intelligence] - Dr. Entronic, it is advised that untested programs, can mulfaction and produce unfiting results!

    - [Dr. Entronic] - Just run it, if there is a problem, i can fix it!

    - (With suprised faces) [Scientists in the X Room + Dr.Entronic] - What is that?

    - [Dr. Entronic] - It loocks like and regular asteroid, only with a green aura around it, how strange. Well i want all stafft doing test and monotirizing this object to learn more details, meanwhile i have to go home, its already late   

    . [Scientists in the X Room] - Ok Dr. Entronic you are already working outside of your normals hours, we take care the rest and we will leave you informed, so we see you tomorrow.

    -(As Dr. Entronic leaves the room her daugther is behind the door) [Dr. Entronic] - What are you doing here Kyara? You are not suposed to be here.

    - [Kyara] - Sry Father, but i was bored and i was curious to know what was more important then me so i came to check in.

    - [Dr. Kuichi] - Sry Dr. Entronic, but she is very smart and before i knew she used the camoflauge device to make her escape. I am really sry

    - [Dr. Entronic] - Nevermind, i already know how my daugther is, but well time to go home Kyara!

    - [Dr. Kuchi] - Goodbye Dr. Entronic and Kyara.

    - [Dr. Entronic] - Cya tomorrow, and Dr. Kuchi i need you to go to the X Room and join the team there, they need your help!

    - [Dr. Kuchi] - Indeed!


    - (Already at dusck, in Kyara Father car) [Dr. Entronic] - So kyara, what did you hear?

    - [Kyara] - Nothing, when i arrived at the door you were leaving.

    - [Dr. Entronic] - I will assume, you are telling the truth.

    - [Kyara] - So by the way, can asteroids be green?

    - [Dr. Entronic]- So you did hear!

    - [Kyara] - No i didn't, in our school there was a book that shows diferent types of celestial bodys in the Universe and i was wondering if there are so many colors if there could be all kinds of colors like gree or like my favourite Cyan color.

    - [Dr. Entronic] - Suspicious, but nevermind, did you had a a great time?

    - [Kyara]- Yes, Dad i had.

    - [Dr. Entronic]- Great, i am happy you liked it.

    - [Kyara] - Exept the part where you left me, so  since you made me a promise, you will have to show me more inventions!

    - [Dr. Entronic] - Yes, sure i will and again sry for leaving, but you know how important is you Dad job.

    - [Kyara] I guess i do!


       The night arrives and Kyara and Dr. Entronic go to bed and Kyara can't sleep because she is thiking about what X Inteligence said and who was that was fallowing her, so she ask if she can sleep with her Dad, altough that he already told her that she is to grown up to sleep with his Dad, but he felt a little guilty about today and let it pass just this once!


    --- End of Chapter 1---