Dani (Dawn)

  • Whoa, the blog format is so weirrrrddddd. XD I used to do a lot of blogs on the old WOA (am I the only one who mentally pronounces it "woe-ah"?) I'm thinking about bringing some of my more popular ones back, like the "Part of That World" ariel/otaku parody, and starting up some newer ones. ^w^ I don't know if anyone cares, or remembers them, but i just guess I wanted to tell anyone who might care? I dunno . . im kinda sleep deprived at this point =w= this break is actually pretty stressful lol. anyway. have an itty bitty baby poem thing in payment for me wasting your time (also the spelling/grammar is perfect in this one cause i had my native english friends check it. lol there should be no comments on the grammar what so ever!) 


    Strong arms around my waist, embracing me, holding me, caressing me.

    Warm nuzzles and kisses on the back of my neck, my jaw, my face, flashing eyes and quirky smiles.

    Hushed words in a language that is not spoken, things we communicate through each other.

    Your music washing over me, stronger than any tidal wave, gone quicker than a lightning bolt.

    Smelling of only God knows what, but it’s beautiful.

    Your gaze, caught on me, focusing, watching, making me feel nervous, what if what you see is no longer the one you love?

    The way we fight, when we know we’re not fighting. We’re dancing our own kind of dancing, quick brushes of skin against skin, momentum pulling us apart, us fighting gravity to be together again. Dodging blows gracefully, laughing together at the things we can do.

    Cuddling for cheesy movies and scary shows.

    Knowing we have each other.

    Knowing we have the privilege of experiencing each other in a way no one else can.

    Long walks in crisp autumn air, you grabbing me and spinning me around, while I laugh like a kid, while you let me forget my fears, anxieties, pain.

    You quietly knowing that no matter how much you do for me, the one who first stole my heart and soul was my anxiety, my demons were there long before you, but you hold me in the hardest parts of my battle.

    You knowing how much I fight with myself, understanding that I fight for myself, quietly.

    Handling your own demons, but not shutting me out.

    Letting me be the one to follow you into your own battles with your demons, letting me be your ally.

    There’s a roughness to our relationship, not sharp, not something that will cut, but a friction that gives a new kind of feeling, like a piece of volcanic rock, slightly softened by time and the constant roaring of the ocean waves.

    God, I love you. I love you. I love you.

    You have allowed my love to be enough.

    I have made it so your love is enough.

    Hands in my hair, hoodies that are most definitely not mine but I still like cuddling up in them.

    People think being on different continents is the hard part of a relationship, when it’s not, the Earth is round, so no matter which direction you go, you’ll eventually find one another. No, the hard part is dreaming of fingertips brushing fingertips, butterfly kisses on your forehead, and waking up to find that none of this exists. Your perfect one, the one who is enough for you, the one who has seen your battle scars, does not even exist.