• Who like memes any one? Im sorry Im just writing this for no reason so if you are just bored in the middle of the night you are more than welcome to read this. Why am I being so nice? WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY PAGE?!?! MY PAGE IS COMPLETLEY BORING! THE ONLY THINGS I HAVE POSTED ONT HIS PAGE IS THIS! YOU ARE JUST GOING TO BE WASTING LIKE 3 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE READING ABOUT MINE!..........Im sorry for my sudden outburst. I dont know what came over me. Im just still triggered that one of my faveorite anime characters dies, and Im also on my period so that explains A LOT. TMI? Guess what? I dont give a flying fuck. You choose to read this so this is your fault not mine. GAJEEL STOP PLAYING THE GOD DAMN GUTIAR! YOU IS ASS!Gajeel: Damn are you on your period or somthin?Me: You have just said the words that could anger any woman on her period EVER. Gajeel: oH sHiT.



    Pleas answer this message after the tone: Gajeel will no longer be in Fairy Tail, because is currently laying on the ground unconsios( I probably spelled that wrong.) or most likley dead.








    Guys Im so sorry.