Campione! (from Shizuka's perspective)

  •      The anime Campione! is about a guy named Godou Kusanagi who kills a god and gains his powers, then uses those powers to fight other gods and other people who have also killed gods.  It's mostly an action harem anime with some comedy.  I like it, but just for fun let's look at it from Godou's sister Shizuka's perspective.  Shizuka is unaware of Godou's powers and battles and as far as she knows he's just an unrepentant womanizer.  The events of the anime would progress like this from her perspective.

         Her brother Godou goes to Italy on a simple errand but comes back with a beautiful Italian mistress.  As if his poor explanation isn't bad enough, he shamelessly does perverted things with her in public; she even comes over and sneaks into his bed!  He continues these perversions at school but thankfully the schools model of morality Mariya Yuri intervenes.  Inexplicably however he seduces her as well, and seems to date both of them at the same time.  Despite Shizuka's scolding's Godou denies doing anything wrong, then makes a sudden trip to Italy with both girls.  Then when he returns he has another Italian girl (technically half Italian, half Croatian).  If this isn't bad enough when he goes on a date with the first girl he stays out all night!  That and while he's gone a middle school girl shows up saying vague stuff that sounds like he did perverted stuff to her!  Then when he finally comes home he's got another girl, and invites all four of them over for breakfast; expecting Shizuka to make food for all them.  Poor Shizuka, will your brother ever straighten up?