Evangelion 3.33

  • Just seen Evangelion 3.33 You can (not) redo, and in typical Evangelion style they don't explain at all what's going on. I'm used to that, and trying to figure it out is part of the fun of Evangelion. However 3.33 sets new records, I understood it for the most part for about two-thirds of the movie. Until you get to the part where (spoiler alert!) Shinji and Kaoru approach Lilith, and then so much happens without explanation you can't keep up. In desperation I looked online for answers, only to find that most other people don't know for sure what's going on. They did have several good theories, but until the fourth one comes out, it's just guessing (hoping?). Aside from this it's an okay movie, not as good as 2.22 but it had it's moments of interest. There is a fourteen year time skip, in which a lot apparently happened (did I miss a movie?), hopefully more will be answered in the fourth movie (dangerous hope....). On a side note You can (not) redo is also referred to as theatrical edition Q, the Q stands for questions, which you will have many of (just kidding, actually stands for quickening, which the release of the DVD certainly was not).