•     I finally got around to watching the anime Bakemonogatri, I had heard a lot of people praise it but the summaries I read of it made it seem unimpressive.  Having finally watched it my impression of it changed as the series progressed.  At first I was unimpressed by the animation (it seemed substandard), the random flashing of words was annoying (way too lazy to pause it to read them all) and the character interactions seemed dull.  However the character Hitagi Senjōgahara was moderatly interesting.  After the first couple episodes I expected her relationship with Koyomi Araragi (the main character) to progress in the typical anime fashion, characters grow close without specifically stating how they feel about each other.  I was pleasantly surprised to see they actually started dating halfway through the series.  Senjōgahara could be described as yandere, but that's what makes her interesting.  The supernatural phenomenons were also interesting, with a unique twist on standard concepts.  Overall I would say the series was interesting but not very interesting.  If I have time I will watch the later series of it (which go by various monogatari names).  A word of warning to those unfamiliar with it, there is very minor gore/blood in some episodes and a minor harem theme (Araragi remains dedicated to Senjōgahara despite the other female characters interest in him).