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    In the Manga of Attack on Titan the reason the Marley forces attacked is for the ultimate goal of gaining the natural resources on Paradis island, to this end they deemed it necessary to seize the King's Titan power so they could do this without opposition (attempting otherwise would have been foolish, the King could command hundreds of Colossal Titans). So to do this they sent four of their Titans (Bertolt, Reiner, Annie and their friend who was eaten by Ymir) to breach the walls so they could infiltrate the walls while the other three Titans were on standby. Unbeknownst to them Erin's father killed the king and stole his power and then passed it on to Erin. The Marley forces then waited several years before again breaching the walls, then seeing Erin was a Titan they called off the attack (presumably realizing Erin may have the king's power). Then the Beast Titan appeared to (presumptively) check on their status (you wait years for that?).


    My question is how was this plan supposed to work? If Erin’s father hadn't killed the king, he would have used his powers to stop the titans and reseal the walls; granted Annie, Bertolt and Reiner would have infiltrated the walls but then what? I assume they would search for the king to steal his power but how? That and if they did steal the king's power (if Zeke gained it) they would have hundreds of colossal titans at their command, surely this by itself would be enough to conquer the world (thus negating the need for the islands resources). Perhaps they wished to rule by their own power rather than the power of Titans which could only be controlled by brainwashed Eldians.


    Further questions:


    1. How was Annie able to control the Titans when she had them devour her body? Does she have some royal Eldian blood as well? Or is it just a limited ability the Female Titan has?


    2. If the Titans powers cause the owner to die in a few years how is Armin narrating the anime? In the Japanese version it's stated the narration is years later when Armin is older. Does this mean he somehow escapes this fate?


    3. The Attack Titan, this Titan was secretly hiding in Marley, passing its power onto Eldians who resist the system. Did Marley not wonder where this Titan was? Did they just figure no would notice if they had the power? Did they assume the king of Paridis had it?


    4. Where's Ymir? Was she fed to another Titan in Marley?


    5. How is the injection that turns humans into Titans made? Both Marley and the King have large amounts of it (and the king had various "ability injections as well). Is it made from Titans?


    6. Where are the Asians (Mikasa's mother's ancestors) from? They made mention of a Middle-eastern alliance but no other countries are mentioned. Is the land of the Asians near there? How did they get to Pardis Island?


    7. Who are the Akermans? It's implied Mikasa's father may be related to Levi and both of them are resistant to the King Titan's memory altering power. So are they Marlians? Does the King Titans power only work on Eldians?


    8. How long can Annie stay in her cocoon? They say the Titan powers eventually kill the owner, does that count if you’re in a cocoon?

    9. Eren's father's goal was to steal the Kings power to save the Eldians in Marley, so why did he give the power to Eren and erase his memory?  How was this supposed to help, especially with the Titans breaching the walls?  I assume he realized he couldn't use the King's power and was out of time (dying from having the Titan powers too long).  He passed it onto Eren and hoped he would reach the basement, discover the truth and somehow fix things.  If this was the plan it was pretty bad/desperat.

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