How to Date a Yandere

  • How to date a yandere (tips to survive).

    1. Be immortal, have regenerative abilities or ability to reset/rewind time (your gonna need it).  A good current example being in the anime/manga Renai Bokun (Love Tyrant) where the main character is dating a yandere girl, her sister and an Angel who likes to dress like a Shinigami.

    2. Don't make her mad.  This can be tricky as if you always give her what you want you will eventually screw up and she may take special offense to this.  On the other hand if you don't always give her what she wants, she may harm you anyway.  So try to balance giving her what she wants and never make her mad on purpose.   Especially NEVER try to make her do something she doesn't want to do, you don't want your head put in a bag.

    3. If you do make her mad always have a gift/phrase to try to counter her rage.  This may not work but is always worth trying.

    4. If she ever breaks up with you (and doesn't kill you), don't ever date or get freindly with another girl ever again.  She may not be cool with you moving on.  It's tough, but you want to live right?

    5. Make sure you remember everything she tells you, she may punish you for forgetting.

    6. Try not to be disturbed by her questionable behavior (stalking you, making plans without consulting you, murdering people, threatining you), it will only make her mad.

    7. Stay positive!  If you find she killed your best friend because she thought you were too close, just suggest to her that she talk to you first and you would stop seeing your friend (although she may counter her method was bettter, but worth trying).  Try to subtly steer her away from violence if you can.

    8.  Have Fun!  She may be controlling your life, murdering your friends and generally freaking you out, but hey she's a (hopefully) cute girl you get to spend time with (for the rest of your life, one way or another), might as well enjoy it.