• Welcome Im Yasu the head of EXO i started this group solo i send this call out too those who feel that they havent been heard or is just looking for a escape of the normal i plan to be very active. Who here is An Outsider? Society has thrown a blanket over our faces and tried to abandon us but we will not be forgotten. i didnt make this group out of malice no it was simply to spice life up a bit this world is boring and i would love to see how many people agree with me im looking for all the outsiders that feel their voices should be heard we will usher in a new time from skaters to freerunners, hackers even everyday working class citizens i only ask that you have a backbone i built this group on 3 principles that are engraved on my chest.

    VIOD all the bullshit 

    FORGIVE all family (exos)

    PRAY for all your enemies

    Soo will you hide? or will you stand with me in the shadows? Lets Enjoy This 1 Life We Get FROM NATION TOO NATION EXO CALLS FOR YOU