Are people REALLY friends?

  • I am wondering if this is me or others think this way as well, but when i have friends online or in real life, i hang out and talk to them and have fun if i can. However, when i leave or they leave for their reasons, i think of one major issue; 

    'Are we really friends or not?' 


    You see, we can't read minds so if someone leaves they might be thinking when they get home, "finally i don't have to hear this guy's antics." maybe they're lying to me when they CLAIM they like to be around me. Or maybe i'm to paranoid.

  • Dia
    Dia You can understand and feel that what does a person think of you by looking at their face. But don't worry about them liking you or not. You should know that if you love yourself think yourself a person worth to be friends with then it's no problem....  more
    Jul 14
  • Yata-chan
    Yata-chan A real friend is like a clansman, a family member who stands by your side if you need that person, someone who you can rely on anytime. A good friendship is build on trust and loyality. This is exaclty why some friends maybe make you feel more...  more