Digimon Tri?

  • All 6 movies are out.


    i cried to 3 and 6, but i still like 2 the best. that is because is the fist time you see new megas; rosemon and vikemon. my least of them is 1 ONLY because its the beginning and slow; of course its gonna be slow cause its the start. of the story. it is a great story and movie, but s a little slow for me in the beginning.

    number 5 when that thing came out at the end gave me a flashback to my childhood. i stood frozen scared and startled cause i flash backed.

    number 4 is great too that's all 


    ok, your turn.

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  • Torao
    Torao I just watched the first 4 movies yet. So the last to are resting on my watch list.

    I can't belive it's over now. The first Digimon Generation is the best.
    Jul 18
  • Akira
    Akira i saw them when they came out online when japan released it.
    Jul 18