My new stuff i'm trying to do!

  • I am trying my best to get through life. I can't get a job so i'm trying my hands on selling my photos/books i wrote.


    Maybe putting in on a blog will get more attention. i can't do facebook/twitter. people there are too rude. 



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  • Torao
    Torao Yami Sora. Sounds like the name of a shonen random shonen character. You don't waste your time without a job. You use it for some creative stuff. That's something.
    Jul 19
  • Akira
    Akira i wanted to have a pen name that i loved. Japanese names seem like the best names i love. however, i did have names i my head that i found out were actual REAL PORN STAR NAMES. so it took me a while to find a good name i liked and was fine.
    Jul 19
  • Torao
    Torao I see.
    Jul 20