A forgotten anime, can anyone shed some light on it?

  • Hello, I have crash landed on this site and have a few questions about an anime I saw many years ago. It played on the scifi channel's ani-monday lineup. I only caught one scene of it before before falling asleep but remember it well. 

    So it begins with a large, fleshy creature in an apartment or hospital (think John Carpenter's The Thing), eating defenseless people. The police are eventually called out but have no means to stop it other than controlling the civilian chaos. They call out a special unit of sorts to deal with the monster. An armor clad knight, with a sort of energy cannon. 

    The knight looking soldier confronts the monster in the street. Each time he fires his weapon at the monster, these canisters eject from his chest plate like spent shells of a gun. They are a part of his armor and it's clear how many shots he has left. Eventually he uses a few in one shot to finish the beast off, leaving this eerie feeling in the air. As if this is commonplace in their universe, not having a happy ending.

    I saw this on tv about 10 years ago, and for 10 years I've asked friends and anime fans if they could tell me what I saw that night. I think it may have been a movie, judging by the animation quality and my hazy memory alone. If anyone could drop a name or maybe remember seeing something similar, please let me know. This has bothered me for a while and I want to put it to rest.

    Thank you!

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  • Akira
    Akira i don't want to get people psyched up but this is all i might e able to help you with.


    i never had cable at all, even today, but this link links up to tvtropes with chest blaster link. they have...  more
    July 11, 2018
  • Bengal
    Bengal The blaster was a gun, it just looked like the canisters were ammo stored in the chest. But thank you so much for contributing. I've been scouring the net all morning for this show. ^_^
    July 11, 2018