Life - Anime - Change

  • Adult life and teenage life have a big deference in both mindset and personality. Teenage mind is rather simple and yet very complicated. It can easily be manipulated, it can become happy and become sad in a matter of moments. Sometimes it handles pressure very effectively and sometimes it breaks halfway. Teen mind is full of unpredictable dreams and that's the least of it's problems. They are always
    somewhat impossible rather fitted to be a plot in a manga like dreams!
    HUH!* well not everyone's i think.

    I think every teenage mind is delecate
    and and had some stages where life had become boring and it couldn't handle any more drama of this "Beautiful" (as described in poems) eco-system. And at that point some mind's let go and leave
    this drama behind.

    I went through such a stage about two years ago. Now that i think about it,
    it seems very funny.
    I was under pressure with education, family issues, friends, social life, relationship, loneliness. It got me confused. I shut myself up in my room.
    And stayed shut for about 4 months:!.
    My teen mind just couldn't handle the boring neverending drama of social life, relationships. I became sick of people telling me what to do. I became angry on those restrictions i had.
    The thought that occurred to me was,

    "why the fuc* should i listen to what
    other people say? why should i do what they tell me to do? why can't they just let me be?!"

    I struggled through my social life.
    People around me had complicated thoughts of living, the things that i just couldn't bear. It came to that
    I couldn't even stand a small crowd,
    people annoyed me. Wrapped myself up in a invisible shell. Became a full time
    But then one day I stumbled upon a chatroom online. The residents were talking about *ANIME* and someone
    mentioned 'A silent voice'
    (quoted: Man, it's storyplot is fascinating!).

    well, movies were a pastime.
    And there that was!
    The "CHANGE" i think.
    The change i Was waiting for ?
    or the change i needed in life?
    After watching that 2 hour movie
    I think i had found another world!

    A world with people having big eyes, quite invisible noses, A pen stroke for a mouth and girls jumping and running around with small skirts that even defied the laws of gravity!:X

    I found the portagonist's life partly resembling my own. I remember watching the movie about 4-5 time throughout the night. And i think i cried after realising something that i still can't put into words.

    My anime loving days started. Yes, i found another world, found people's with the same mindset as me, found some friends near me, found society that i could belong (even if it's not long term).
    i realized that fictional characters
    can even have great impact on your mind that aren't real but still your friend,
    they don't have life but you still fall in love and create admirations for them. I felt like a brown bear that woke up from it's long hibernation.

    I don't hesitate to call myself an
    Otaku. I still contribute to society but my dreams and fascinations that held me in tough times i can't kick them out! I don't mind being called a loner.
    I think it's better being a loner than to return to the society I have seen. :/

    I know my emotion got the better of me
    but I think i like it that way!