The Beginning

  • She opened her eyes slowly, everything spinning around her. People looking down at her, dressed in clothing she didn't quite recognize.  She was dizzy and she could feel them grabbing at her arms. She could see they were yelling something now. Something she couldn’t hear but, she knew it had to have been important. She recognized one of the people, crying and trying to pull her up. Bright lights burst around them as she realized it was her Wolfe. She sat up and grabbed onto him. He began running as fast as he could. As she was starting to regain consciousness, she looked back to see clearly now that a war had begun.  She knew that she would have to come back at a later time to help. She knew her idea to revolt against the wolves was a terrible idea. She just wanted to make Wolfe feel better about the equality their relationship faced. He didn’t want to have to pretend that she was just another rabbit or, that she was his servant. He wanted to be able to love her and kiss her. It was the reason he cried himself to sleep some nights. She held onto him tightly as she started feeling weak. “Wolfe? What’s happening?” she mumbled softly. He looked to her and kissed her cheek, then said gruffly “The war has begun darling. You were injured and, I had to get you out of that place.” She looked down and noticed a gash on her arm. “You were out cold. It was a sneak attack and it essentially started the rebellion.” She relaxed after she tore off a piece of her soft dress and, rapped the still bleeding gash. He continued to run even after she held to him tight and, fell asleep.