Devil May Cry: Bloodties

  • There are four characters of the bloodties series:

    Camille: A genius demonologist who know about demons and their whereabouts and a little human girl who has taken interest in studying demons and their powers. She was an orphan because her parents left her at an orphanage because their home was being attacked by demons. As she grew older, she grew interest to the demons who attacked her, and so she studied them more.

    Kazuyo: A gun shy twerp twerp half human half demon, has trouble talking to girls but an excelent swordman grew up on his own to become a demon hunter and eventually made friends with Violetta. Violetta then chose to be his sister since he was all alone and had no one to take care of him. Now their partners and friends.

    Catherine: A human girl raised in North America, who lived in a neighborhood with Violetta and her aunt Cillia. Caterine grew a close relation to Violetta and started to know about her demonic and angelic power she hid from her. They became best friends and Catherine decided to never tell anyone about her supernatural power.

    Violetta: Demon and Angel formed and half human, her mother decided to move to North America with her where then she was born with powers of a demon and angel. After coming to her demon father's city, she then continues her life as a chef to cook for the popes at the church in Fortuna and work as a demon hunter in her free time. After partaking  mission, she comes across a glass dome filled with a crystal and once comes in contact with it, splits her two souls demon and angel to make the choice to choose between them. She chooses both and they both mrge into one and partake into Violetta's body, and from this her eye colour changes from normal blue to turqoise. After she had merged to forms, this then creates a demon and angel war where all demons and agels are after her to make one choice as it stuns the other demons and angels as she becomes a powerful being than Mundus himself.

    I wish I could tell more i'll come back once I have more