Devil May Cry: Bloodties Chapter 1 PROLOGUE

  • Prologue.

    "So you've decided to come to Fortuna for the first time? What a surprise, I thought you were going to stay in the Americas for a while longer," The butler looked at her with a mischievous smile. "Need any boys because it seems I can get you some!" Violetta turned her gaze to him quickly blushing from what he had just mentioned. "Don't mention that!! I'm not ready..not yet," she glared curiously at him. "Who are you anyway? I just call you butler because i don't know your real name."

    He stopped walking along the path of the city,"Violetta..I don't have a name I'm just your father's servant that used to work for him in the underworld."

    "Oh...." Violetta looked down.

    The butler looked down at her and gave a gently kind hearted smile. "Do you want to give me a name?"

    Violetta cubbed her soft pink glossy lips rubbing her finger against them concentrating on a name. She answered,"Why don't I call you William, then I can call you Will for short."

    He faced her smiling." I like it Violetta."

    She nodded. '

    They walked down the city of Fortuna exploring studying what history lyes upon this Sparda legend, passing a church that had been attacked by demons where the festival of the blade was held. From there they stopped. The butler bowed down gesturing for her to walk in the church. "After you my dear! This is your first history lesson on the legend of Sparda and to show you, I'd like you to see the ruins of this church and what happened here when the legendary dark knight sparda fought a pop who wanted to bring the legend of Sparda to shame." He chuckled and that last one and whispered to himself. "Sanctus, hehe"

    "I might have read about him in a book. He married a human that gave birth to twins right?" Violetta was anxious to know this information.

    "Yes that is right..and he will soon take his father's place and become even stronger." he said.

    "I want to become strong so I can protect you and I," she glared into his eyes searching for the answers to unlock her powers. "I want to become a demon hunter like Daddy" From the moment she said that, he put his hand on her shoulder and sighed. "You can't unlock your demon powers yet Violetta. It doesn't just happen in a flash. Your power is locked for now because your dad used a spell that could lock it unless you earn it and train really hard to find it inside you." she stroked the side of her bangs amongst her ear.

    The ground of the ruined church began to shake as they could here the sounds of people being slaughtered to death as rain began to pur on the roof of the church. From those screams, Violetta had fear in er heart her heart was vibrating fast as she clenched her fists tighter and began to shake in fear. From that William looked at her and said," VIOLETTA RUN!!! GO!!" He took out his gun as demons began to approach inside the church as Violetta ran as fast as she could.

    And so it begins...

     Bloodties....Two souls merged into one by a girl named Violetta

    Violetta began to run as fast as she could, her breath almost wasted as her long dark blue hair was getting wet and soggy. She began to run around the city looking for shelter nearby. She spotted a nearby bar that seemed open widely to the people but became a bit cautious about it as ahe entered. Laying herself down in a nearby table, she began to stroke her wet dark blue hair on her shoulder. She began to grab the menu and throll through it looking for something that could could quench her thirst from all the running she did in the rain. She had the hair of a beautiful Aphrodite princess, clinged into curls that fell down her back reaching her curved waist with bangs that covered half of her eyes on her face. She had snuggled herself upon a chair with one menu in her hand stroking her hair back to see the menu closely observing what kind of food they served in the bar which looked very small but was enough for a few drunk people who had come from very rare towns close to Fortuna to have a drink or two.
    She was sure this place was one of the most unsafe places in Fortuna, she could feel it. While keeping watch on her menu she could feel a few other people in the bar stalking her quite closely, looking down on her body, thirsty for her blood, hungry for her flesh and perhaps her soul as well as that blood thirst got even hornier in the room. They began to whisper about the innocent woman's beauty wishing to stroke on her body before devouring on her soul, something that could be done in bed.

    One of the bartenders chuckled. "She has such a nice body! I sure like to have her some day for my collection of women I keep stored in my room." The cocky man chuckled once more.
    As Violleta down, she felt herself stuck to the chair. She knew she was afraid of these and knew they were trying to harm her as she wanted to defend herself from those people but she could herself weak from running and not having any lunch while coming to Fortuna from North America. She could even move an inch as she dropped the menu on the table, she began to fall into a deep faint as she thought to herself," I'm going to die aren't I from these demons of course! I can feel myself slip away from life." As she began to faint and her eyelids were almost closed shut, the bartender approached her to get to the center of her neck, pulling her dark blue long silky hair back while snuggling her neck opening his mouth to reveal his sharp teeth that was closing the gap. As the demon strolled his fingers through her neck, he could feel the cold pale skin beneath his fingers that were as icey cold as to being numb in a cold winter season her hair being wet, tangled and soggy attached together like copper wires. An amulet had hung down her neck freely revealing it's patterned shape of bronze wings supporting the statuette figure that had appeared in a hard golden material.

    Violetta began to give a soft moan as the bartender strolled his fingers down and up her neck observing her high blood temperature in which to get the most sensational taste of how her blood felt.

    Suddenly, a figure appeared as the door of the dark gloomy bar enhaled the fresh her. the figure was tall, with a young face resembling a teenager about nineteen and young with a shade of dark blue hair, the man's eyes being dark stormy blue. He had a sword shoved on his back, his one gun shoved on the side of his leg. The man stared at Violetta to his surprise, her beauty was just undeniable, those curls that laid back against her butter skin her eyes turoise that showed agony towards him for begging help for him to help her.

    The dark blue haired man took out his blade. "Hey, do you mind if i devoured her with you? It's rude to be selfish to other people," he mocked the demon. "The woman is weak, she is a bit to young for old timers, don't you think?"

    The demon growled in anger his voice very deep. "I'm going to keep her. I see you demon hunters havent learned a thing about lust have you?"

    "Now why would i want to lust on someone's blood?" The boy spoke.

    "I know you just want her for your own good. She'd make a lovely specimen for my collection," The demon hissed under it's tongue.

    The young hunter grabbed his gun from the side of his weapon belt making an aim for the demon's head as the demon sprinted away from the girl's body slowly dashing from all directions making it harder for him to shoot the demon. He dashed to the table's aiming at the demon's arm shooting it as it gave loud wail of pain in agony, once again pulling his sword from his back with one hande his other hand wielding his gun. He slashed at the demon with his Blade the demon having wailed back with black ichors of blood screaming. The demon demolished into ichors of ash it filling the air like smoke vanishing from the air of the bar. The boy walked over to the young maiden worriedly.

    "Are you alright you seem tired but you havent been injured. Seems like you hyavent ate in uiet a while," He replied. "I'm Kazuyo i heard this place was filled with demons So i came to make sure to demolish the demons. Who are you?" He glared a t her anxiously.

     Violetta's voice sounded shrivelled from the numness of the cold  outside the rain. She tilted her head upwards to face the boy infront of her  holding her soggy wet body and her hair that fell on his arms staining a few rain drops on his skin.

    "I'm V-Violetta..," She spoke. " My butler and i were attacked by demons so he sent me to run away, so i took refuge here to be safe from them. I'm wondering if he's ok" She stood up her body shivering from the cold as she began to speak of him. "You're name is Kazuyo..That's a beautiful name..I mean cool name." Kazuyo gave a glare and quick blush at her. "Thank you! My foster parents gave me that name." Kazuyo had been sent to orphanage for safe care from demons by his mother when he was a baby. He ws born in Limbo city where he mother and father met. His father died in the demon war while his mother was burnt to death by some scorcher demons.

    "Where's your home? I can lead you to a safe place a hotel or normal complex where it's demon free," his voice sounded so caressed and calm. She stood infront of him. "Only my butler knows where it's safe for me and he might even know where i live. I have to check if he is ok back at the abandoned church in Fortuna or..." THe door blew open and a man in black butler coat and some elaborate men shoes with a katana in his waist stood next to hyer smiling. Of course it was William. "Are you alright did you get hurt?" He walked over to her holding her wrist checking for injuries or poison from either the demons or monsters. Kazuyo just stared at the man coldly shy. He waved at the butler aving his hand. "Hello."

    William looked to turn at the boy's clothing and his features. "And you might be? Are you a friend of Violetta?" He looked around observing the whole place, the floor and even the cealing and glared at the demon on the floor it's blood spilled every where and then at Kazuyo. "So you're a demon hunter and you saved this beautiful maiden from danger? I thank you and may  I ask who you are?'  Kazuyo stared in a blank manner giving him a frozen expression. "Kazuyo.  I was just strolling around fighting demons."

    "I see. Well, shall we move out then. The smell of blood is filling the room" The rest of the people looked at them having not known the bartender was a demon. They stared at them frightened. The butler began to walk out with Violetta and Kazuyo behind them leaving the door open and the fresh air filling inside the room as the people gave stares at them. 

    "We'll arrive at the warehouse shortly. Make sure to take your coat off sir<" Wiliam replied.

    "Yes  sir<" Kazuyo nodded replying shyly.

    The warehouse was a few blocks away as they approached, the house was covered in brown dark brown wood                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     How can i choose between two side when im just one merged soul......~Violetta Yamato