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  • Why do I feel this way

    Why do I feel this way.... I feel so lonley like no one cares.... Why do I feel this way.... Why do I feel so empty inside.... Is it because No one cares.... Wait My family cares.... So why do I feel this way..... My friends care.... so why do I feel this way... Is it because I'm depressed....
  • Quotes

    Hello its me Hallie some of the quote are from the internet and some I wrote myself (they will probably suck) "We were born to be real not perfect" "May my heart be kind,my mind fierce and my spirit brave" "Somtimes we just haved to let things go" "Somtimes the right path isn't the easies...
  • Writing random stuff about anime

    Hello everyone this is Hallie and this is my first entry anywho I would like to tell everyone why I like anime well thats easy because it makes me laugh,cry,and laugh again and it entertains me. I also like pairing up anime couples because I think even in anime everyone deserves someone who is there...