• Hello its me Hallie some of the quote are from the internet and some I wrote myself (they will probably suck)

    1. "We were born to be real not perfect"
    2. "May my heart be kind,my mind fierce and my spirit brave"
    3. "Somtimes we just haved to let things go"
    4. "Somtimes the right path isn't the easiest one"
    5. "Life is a story" 
    6. "Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things" 
    7. "Life is like a movie things keep moving and in a blink of an eye there over"
    8. "Life is too short so embrace it"
    9. "Don't waste your time with someone who treets you like crap because there not worth it"
    10. "Be yourself and you'll make it through life"
    11. "I might not be smart,strong,or good at sports but at least I have a big heart"
    12. "You are worth fighting for"
    13. "I will be what I want to be"
    14. "You know me better than I know myself"
    15. "Words can make someone happy,joyful,and embarrest, but the can also make that person hurt"
    16. "I love you can easily be tured into I hate you"
    17. "Love can make you happy but also can make you sad"
    18. "Love is worth it if you find the right one for you"
    19. "I hate you is more like I love you"
    20. "It is so easy to betray someone"

    Well I don't won't to bore you so have a nice night/day

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