really love story by djnara

  • So this is how I met the girl I of my dreams it was a late night and me and my friend's we're just done getting ready to go to our first high school party which is lame cuz we was already Sophomore we all get into Nick car his family rich so he and he the only one with a car so we drive from my place all the way to were our rival schools is not to far from it so you know there some there and being I n the football team my self some of them know me but I didn't care but I was on my shy stuff so my friends went off to have fun I my self took a sit on the couch and just chilled then out of no where a beautiful Asian girl pop up next to me she asked if she could touch my hair I was okay with it but she had all ready in my fro then we started talking we was hitting it off I was having the time of my life then my friends came to rush over and grab me cuz our friend had got in to a fight and I was the biggest out of the group so I get there and the guys out number us two to one so I calm the time thing down and apologies for what ever he did and when it was all over I rush over to where the girl was but she had gone I was pretty sad so I just walk around had something to drink and it felt like it was spiked with something I put it down I didn't see her the rest of the party around the end of the of the party everyone had gone so had my friends I had to find my own way home as I was standing outside I see her j walk up to the girl I never got her name I say hi and she turned to me and said something I didn't understand but it was clear she was drunk I didn't know what to do and there was still guy hanging around so I thought ill walk her home but I couldn't get her to tell where she lived so now I'm stuck here with this drunk girl so I came up with a plan I asked if I could use her phone to call my mom when she give it to me I look through her call log and see a number titled big sis amy do I call it after three ring she pick up where are you she said I replied with a hi the she seem lost and asked who is the i reply the guy trying to get your drunk sister home she said what I said I mean I'm trying to get her to your home can you get her there oh she said then asked me where I was i told her I don't know she asked if there a land mark I can see I look around and see the rival school I tell her what I see then she said great I know where you are so she help me get to her house so with her drunk sister hanging on me so all the way there we talk joke and laugh calling each other dorks I was falling in love I asked her what was she doing up so late she said she int judge me I'm a nerd I was watching anime and I just said it out of nowhere marry me we both stop talking then she said if only if I did a bunch of silly thing then I was finally there she come rushing to the door she open it all the way open And she was beautiful girl my age her sister was one year younger she grabbed her sister and pulled her in side and she told me to wait I jumping with joy as she try to get her sister inside and put her in be so I sit down on the sidewalk she come out not to long after she thanked me and I asked her name she said Amy but I already know that she asked my name so I told her I asked if I could get her number she said if I promise to Tex and call her I said duh so I made it home it about 5am In the morning so I send a Tex I made it home I hope she would reply and she did within a second good now call me .