• Roleplayed as Articuno and then Sceptile excluding myspace even though I used to be on there.

    Then it went from,, then and now here. I've never roleplayed on here and right now I'm retired from roleplaying unless I decide to come back to it. I don't have time for it. I edit instead and you'll see that in one of my posts. 

    Out of the many anime shows I've watched, pokemon is my favorite for few reasons. Family friendly and the fact that characters are held accountable for their actions. I've been roleplaying for little over 5 years but most importantly you just need to be literate and not add to much fluff in the story. Describing what the characters are doing in the story is what makes it interesting, not the time of day or how long it took for something to begin though I'm not against mentioning time frames.

    Call me Tropical but I go by username solarbeamatrix even if it's not on here. To get an idea on how I came up with that name, first off, Sceptile is my favorite and it can use solarbeam. Second of all, matrix is something I'm aware of when you're not following the masses like sheep. In a way, I'm outside the matrix when you're not doing what the masses are doing believe in what the mainstream says without doing any research.

    Instead of roleplaying, I edit and write fanfiction instead, but my fanfiction isn't random. I use real life examples with whatever genre and character I choose. To see the rest of my edits visit pixiv at this link. When I get a chance, I'll have to update my fanfiction and probably post it at a website called quotev (think that's how it's spelled).

    Please understand that every friend request I get, I don't accept everyone so don't take it personal if I don't add you. I have my reasons.