• As a starting college freshman this fall semester,I am trying to save up for college. I gave some tips on how you can as a college freshman, or if you're a higher grade level this can be helpful to you too.

    1: Save as much money as you can for tuition,books,dorms/apartment rent.

    2: Start a box of things you may need, ex: Bar of soap, lotion, razors, bathroom essentials, etc.

    3: To save money in college, sign up for free printables, also there are sites out there that will give you freebies every month, all you have to do is sign up. This is very important because you can get samples every month, which may mean that you don't have to go shop as much. Save money.

    4: Start new habits that will help you with your career, like, if you aren't good at studying, you may need to change in order to ace your exams. If you stay up too late partying, you may not get enough sleep, therefore you may fall asleep in class.

    Thank You!
  • Geethatsawkward
    Geethatsawkward Yea sorry I'm trying to figure out how to ad another blog post.but I can't seem to remember!
    January 30, 2016
  • Geethatsawkward
    Geethatsawkward I'm not sure! But how do I add another blog post?
    January 30, 2016