Plantation shutters

  • "Strangers are coming in and out of your home. You see a worker with a jackhammer and have a slight panic attack because you don’t remember authorizing demolition with your improvements. Searching for the person in charge of your project only to realize they are M.I.A. Not knowing what each day entails. Feeling out of the loop on your own vision and ideas. Does any of this sound familiar to you?
    Any home improvement is a time consuming, expensive, and sometimes a stressful time in life. Whether it is out of necessity or choice, remodeling is tough! Custom window coverings can be one of the easiest steps in your project with our team of experts on your side.
    Let me walk you through a step by step guide on how we handle all of our new clients:

    Step 1: Give us a call with a general idea of what you are looking for, how many windows we will be covering, and a color scheme. We can talk numbers and then get to the hands on part.

    Step 2: We schedule a walk through of your home at your convenience to take measurements and brainstorm on the best way to bring your vision to life. If you aren’t sure what style to go with, we have tons of real client photos to get perspective from, and our owners have even actually brought people into their home to view their shutters to spark our clients creativity. Do you need to color match what you already have? No problem! Have odd shaped windows? No sweat! All of our shutters are custom made to fit the exact shape, size, and color needed.

    Step 3: Once you submit your order, we will send color samples so you can compare them at your home in different lighting and rooms so you can feel absolutely confident in your choice. Once all details are approved by you, we will give you an exact date of completion. Do you need your shutters in a hurry? We can always put a rush on the order with no compromise to quality.

    Step 4: If you live close by and would like to see exactly how your shutters will be made, we will always invite you to come view our facility. Each shutter is inspected after every station and believe me, they require perfection. Plantation shutters wholesale

    Step 5: Once your shutters are built, painted, and inspected, it’s time for installation. Once again, at your convenience we will schedule a date and time to professionally install your new window coverings!
    Notice how each and every step involves you? Because it is your vision, it’s your project. We are just on your team, to help make the process a little bit easier, a little less stressful and turn your vision into a completed project.
    "With RV living becoming a fast growing trend, make your RV more like home with Custom RV Shutters!
    Over the last few years we have seen a growing number of requests for custom shutters for RV’s. If you have spent any time in an RV recently you will recognize that even though its a home on wheels, it just doesn’t feel quite like home until you’ve done something to make it feel like home. For example, adding custom window treatments. When an RV feels like home, any adventure can be outside your front door! From talking with others who live full time in an RV, they all talk about the personalization of their home. Without making a house a home, it just feels like you’re constantly living in a hotel. This has caused many full time RV families to throw in the towel. When you make the RV your home it completely changes the mood and feeling in such an amazing way.

    One major thing to consider when adding your custom additions is to think “functionality first”! If your custom addition takes up too much space and/or provides little to no function to the home you may end up regretting your flair down the road. RV living has several stark differences to living in a traditional dwelling with usable space being the most noticeable one. Another one is learning the different dynamics of heating and cooling. This is where function can find a perfect harmony with custom flair and personalization. Having window shutters installed in a traditional house can help with energy costs and its no different for RV’s! If you are looking to add class and quality to your RV, nothing does the job quite better than custom shutters. As you can see from the pictures in this article, they add such a “right at home” feel. So now that you’re interested, how does this all work to inquire? It’s simple really.

    If you are interested in adding custom RV shutters here’s the process.

        Give us a call and we’ll walk you through how to get the measurements needed to give you a quote. It’s so easy we can give you step by step instructions over the phone.
        After getting the measurements we’ll give you a price to work with. If we have a deal we’ll get the order placed and start making your order.
        When the order is complete we have 2 options for installation.
            You can drive by our factory in Stillwater Oklahoma and we can install them typically in one day for you. (We recommend this option for the best quality outcome)
            If you can’t make it by we understand. We can ship the finished product to you for installation, but know that since we were not there to take the measurements and make adjustments in person for any error that needs corrected you may not get the desired outcome. If you can make the drive we promise to make it worth the trip with the quality installation only we can guarantee.