My top 10 anime

  • Just thought I'd share what my top 10 anime are and why.

    1.   Sailor Moon 

    I'm pretty sure SM was the very first anime I ever watched as a kid.   However, I only got to see a few episodes before Cartoon Network took it off.   So throughout the rest of my childhood I completely forgot about that amazing anime.   When I got into middle school, I had already discovered what anime is but didn't want anything to do with it for a while because I thought it was just ninjas thanks to my friends who was obsessed with Naruto at the time.    In the 8th grade I got obsessed with my first anime which will be mentioned soon.  I came across something on the Internet about Sailor Moon and realized that alot of cartoons I watched as a kid was from Japan so I started watching Sailor Moon from the beginning and I fell in love with it.

    2.  Tokyo Mew Mew 

    I used to watch Mew Mew Power on Saturday mornings every week along with Winx Club.   After the show was canceled, I didn't completely forget about it like I did with Sailor Moon.   I just put it in the back of my mind.    This anime was the one I got obsessed with in the 8th grade.   I'm not sure what happened but I suddenly started to think about this anime and watch the episodes on YouTube.  Over time I eventually learned the real names.   I think it is thanks to this anime that the Magical girl genre became my favorite.

    3.   Full Moon Wo Sagashite 

    In High school, I was only interested in magical girl anime.   When I was trying to look for a new anime to watch, I came across Full Moon.  I already knew I would love this anime just by reading the summary.   Growing up I dreamed of being a famous singer but I have obstacles always getting in the wsy.   After watching this anime, I started calling myself the real life Mitsuki.

    4.  DNAngel 

    On my last year of high school, I finally started to gravitate to non magical girl animes.  One of the first was DNAngel.   I actually found it when I was looking for a new magical girl series to watch.   Someone put this anime in the MG catagory on Wikipedia and I fell for it.  I fell in love with this anime anyways.   Now I have a huge anime crush on Dark Mousy.   And it's thanks to this anime that I'm a huge fan of the Voice Actor who played Dark.   Vic Mignogna.

    5.  Akb0048 

    My second favorite genre of anime is Idols/Music.   I've been listening to jpop since High school but I could not bring myself to listen to Akb48.  I don't know if it was because there are alot of members or if there was just too many songs to listen to.   When the anime was announced, I decided to give it a try.   Now I love the anime and the jpop group.   Morning Musume is still my favorite jpop group but akb48 is a close second.

    6.   Fairy Tail

    FT was one of the first non magical girl animes I got into.   It was actually the first major shounen anime I watched.   An old friend told me to check it out because it has a lot of people with Magical powers.  Now I love it.   It's funny and definitely like that even though there are a lot of fighting scene, there's no blood and gore.

    7.   Pretty Cure

    I discovered this anime in high school when I was only interested in MG animes.    I haven't watched every single season but I'm working on it.   I think Precure has the cutest MG costumes.   If I could, I would cosplay every single one.

    8.  Show By Rock!

    Show By Rock is a newer anime.   I fell in love with this anime before it aired in Japan.   It has two of my favorite things in one.  Idols and people with animal ears.   

    9.  Fruits Basket 

    This was one of the first non Magical girl animes I watched.   One of my friends told me to check it out so I did.  I was a little skeptical about this one at first but I love it now.

    10.  Tsubasa Chronicles 

    during my MG only days, I have a little obsession with CardCaptor Sakura.   A few years later, I came across Tsubasa and I already knew I would like it because of the characters in this anime.