the guardian friend

  • you shoot your target first time, misses, second time, misses, third try, your luck is raised, it hits, you get the love of your life, the perfect one, news comes, your best friend left your state of existence, he was your guardian angel, your guardian friend, pain, depression, and revenge, is all you think about, your love wonders, why, you wont tell them, you cant bear it, you keep it to yourself, another friend asks, cant say anything,  keeping it is putting pressure on yourself, to release some pressure you post it on social media, you're life, you pour it out in typed letters, you sit, watching, wondering, where is your life heading, your future was planned with that friend, and they are gone, you contemplate your own existence, and peek over at a knife, you brush the thought away and replace it with how your soulmate will react to seeing you so sad, they have never seen you like this before, you try to put a smile on your face, but then you look in the mirror and the only face you see, is your friends, the smile drops, you drop to the ground and cry until morning, you get ready for school, you try to hide the depression the best you can but it fails, everyone asks why you look so sad, you brush the questions off, your love asks, you kindly walk away and dont answer, you ignore everybody and drown yourself in drawings until the feelings wash away, you never will be the same, the feelings of being unprotected overcome everything, your love says your safe with them, but you don't feel that way, you have the feeling that he is watching you, trying to comunitcate, trying to protect you, like old times, but you brush it off, suddenly, a tidal wave of emotions goes through you're head, you realize that you're safe, you have your love, your new friends, and your guardian friend, is now your guardian angel, and you know, you are safe for the rest of your life, r.i.p paris

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