Blade and Soul Leveling Tips

  • 1. The first day of the desired upgrade level, probably would be more tired Please appropriate game.
    2. Members can purchase sword of the Spirit reduce queuing time.
    3. The obtained venom Dragon Forest Dragon Forest area daily tasks; Demon hole copy and bright green village warehouse randomly drop a copy of BOSS.
    4. If the task can not be completed to meet the beheading, members can not receive gifts, items can not receive messages, check the backpack is full.
    5. The lack of money, you can choose to play one thousand souls demon brush Aura dial to sell thousands of soul gossip obtained.
    6. Wear the clothes, if you do not wear clothes gossip property does not take effect to farm BNS Gold fast.
    7. Dazzling Dragon Lin will be able to key out of the profession of arms; ordinary career out random key weapon. Reservations recommended dazzling Hu Lei devil take the key to open arms when 18 brush Pingnan fleet detachment.
    8. The need to take a copy of the box opened Dragon Forest keys.
    9. Please decompose excess gems, it can get used to transform crystalline gem stones.
    10. freemason weapon as a weapon if you are not careful feeding or lost, you can go to NPC mission bulletin billboards beside the village green that exchange.
    11. If so what problems or do not know where you can use the sword of the Spirit to help in the game needs the help of the group, but to pay attention Yo, if you have the answers to help you, please adopt under evaluation, do not let the respondent's labor in vain .
    12. Long Lin Yu copies may be out of service people to quickly move to the copy of the entrance, very convenient, if there is a backpack with a bar, which helps to save time and to be vacated FIG run backpack.
    13. When a team enters more than a copy, please do not launch team. If the team is two people, one of whom will lead the team quit both exit the copy, so quit the team when his teammates to ask what there is not done, thank you.
    14. If lack of time, energy values ​​are not all brushing, please tap the middle section below and click interface, you can put the vitality of today's dynamic storage doubled tomorrow, please note that storage viability will lead to reduction in the value of dynamic vitality value than brushing players progress a little slow.
    15. If you have no time brushing vitality refining weapons, do not worry, peace of mind off the assembly line, the mentality is the most important.
    16. If the time is less than all of the daily tasks completed, priority to the completion bonus Dragon Forest Dragon venom and daily tasks'm keys.
    17. If you join the membership, please go to the mall to receive free daily membership packs, buy Blade and Soul Gold packs out if Lingshi Please keep this thing in the future is very important.
    Yu Lin Long certificate 18. mainline quest Dragon forest and be sure to enter the fossil preserved, it will have great use.
    19. During the upgrade, hit the lock box if Dragon'm open arms to the occupation Keep arms down, this weapon is a breakthrough after the main weapon evolutionary necessities; in Luming Village Green Demon hole copy and warehouse Ming Estate beheading task out of the box if the plague own series of weapons should be saved because the plague after the main weapon is equipped to break the evolution of necessity, and also requires two. Do not sell these two weapons or throw or refined, or the like when needed again play on a waste of time.
    20. If you are done, you have to congratulate you one step ahead of others.