Recent Entries

  • Dreaming Bird

    The little bird, frightened by the bird cageChanged nothing, did nothing but criedThe one that is trapped is the heartEven if it didn't run away, it forgot how to sing on the spotGazing at the broken wing won't bring back it's original stateWhat can be done with what has been leftIn the palm of my h...
  • Happy Harmony

    Happy happy harmony Happy happy harmony A girl having fun with excite and pureness melody Happy happy harmony Happy happy harmony Love your shining spark of smile  More and more heart goes gracefully  
  • Make It

    Rather than copying that fashionable girl It’s the best to be yourself If you can feel the dazzle of your heart Then let’s go in search of your ideal! All these multiplying memories Divide it into half And help complete a friend Make it! We’re invincible ...
  • Girl's Week old

    Our lonely weekends will be endedIn the middle of the nightAnd our new selves will emergeThere's a certain heat and a smile in your fingertipsAnd in your ears there's a song and a kissAs I give you a gentle hugThat which I feared was my own immature heartThe days always lighten up my eyes as I long ...