Konha High

  • "Okay it's my first day at a new school don't panci it's all okay". My Sasora Uchiha . i'm 15 years old .Nice to met you all. today I entered a new school with my borthers were going for awhile now.After our parents deied my older borther Itachi started taking care of my twin brother Sasuke and I.                                        As I waliked along the halls  with my brothers everyone stop and stard at me."It's okay no one going to hurt you ".Itachi told me smiling warmly at me."O.........Okay".Itachi walked  Sasuke and I to our class and left soon after."Welcome to Kohan  High Sasora take a seat anyway."my teacher Jiyraya said. I took my seat next to Sasuke.T he class fun until our teacher stated to become  a prve."BBBBBRRIINNGG."The bell."So what it not a big deal."SHOUT UP SASUKE."Come on I'll show you my friends."Sure."Guys this is my twin sister Sasora."Aww"Sasuke we didn't know you had a sister"She so cute Sasuke she looks just like you."Well she is his twin Ino."How's the older twin." Sasuke is."She better looking than you."Naruto shout up.Anyway Sasora this is Naruto,Sakura,Hinata,Kiba,Shino,Lee,Ten Ten,Neji,Gaara (etc)"Wow Sasuke you have a lot of friends."Sasuke said he was going to have lunch with the guys and sakura ask if I wanted to have lunch with the girls.I went with the girls.                                                                                                   "I see you made friends."I turned and saw Itachi."Big brother."*Smiles*."Well after school's over met me at the akatsuki club tell Sasuke to come too."Sure thing Big brother." Sakura tell your mum I say hi."Sure."Itachi left."I heard the akatsuki club as only one girl member and others are guys are super cute."INO you shoudn't say that out loud." Take a chill pill Hinata it's okay."* laughing*.Thats when i felt a two arms around my sholders and a kiss on my check I  blushed the girls looked at me and they were shcked i tuned."you SASORI WHAT THE TO DO THINK YOUR DOING." I shouted."What I can't kiss my friend on her check."IT'S NOT THAT JUST THAT YOU...........WELL."what i shoudn;t of kissed you i frot your friends it not like it was the first time."BAKA".*Laughs*.Sasori was laughing."I get it I know anyway hows your first day so far."Well until you did that good."Thats nice to hear anyway see u later."Sure".I sat back down."You know Sasori."Well sure Itachi and him did projects all the time so he oftin saw him at home then day we just became friends."BBBRRIINNGG."I'll see you guys later I have to go to art class."SUre later."I headed to the art class."I love this class if I only know were it was."Hey."Hum......Sasori."You goin to the art class."Well sure you were the one you got me into art."well let's go then." Sasori took me to the class.I took my seat next to him he was on my left and a blonde he clled Deidra was on my right.He was painting the trees's outside the classroom."That looks beautiful."Tanks,you like art don't you."Like?I love it tanks to my friend Sasori."You know danna."Well of cause."That good to see he made at least one girl friend.All of the girls in the class gave me the Back off he's my man look.I leand closer to Deidara ad wisptered"wahts up with all the girls in this class and why are they looing at my like that."It's because your sitting next to Sasori and I the girls in this class go head ove heals for us."Well i can see why."Oh bug the way name's Deidra."Sasora "Your Itachi's younger sister ."Yup."The  bell rang school was over.I have to go met Big brother.Sasori and Deidara walked me to the akatsuki club.The clubwas really good."Itachi why don't you show your younger sister aroung the club."Whatever.Well you konw Sasori,Deidara and Tobi this is Hindan, Kakuzu,Zetsu,Konan, and Kisama,."Well why don't we close up for the day." Itachi and I walked out."Sasora were was Sasuke."He said je would wait for us out side."Foolist younger brother."Itachi,Sasuke and I walked home together."Um Itachi you konw Deidara right."Yeh so did he hurt you."No do you tink you can give me his nmber."WHAT."It's just I have this art project and he's my panter(yes they did have a art project she was not making it up)."I tought Sasori would have been you panter."No Deidara is."Fine whe we get home."Okay. Well my first day was not bad I hope yoy enjoyed can hope you read the next part."BEY and have a nice Day ad night."

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