Konha High part 02

  • Twelve weeks have gone by sence I started Konoha High. "Itachi,Sasuke I'm home." "okay." "Sasuke what are you doing." "Packing." "For." "Uncle Madara is not feel well and fell down at home abd fainted for two days until someone found him." "WHAT." "He's fine now Sasuke and I are going to take care of him." "But Itachi what about Sasora ." "Sasuke right what going to happen to me." "I called Sasori he'll be here in a short time." "and school." "Is close until repairs are finished." "Okay take good care of Uncle." "We will. Sasori came over a short while after they left.                                                                                                     "Yey you want something to eat?" "No I'm good Sasora.So why did Itachi ask me to star with you." "Well our uncle is sick and have been for a long time now.Afew days ago he fell down at home and he black out for two days." "That's sad......is....um....he okay." "Itachi says yes but I don't know what to say roght now.Sasori I'm worried our family as been killed my so many.they as our parents death was by craching but uncle Madar said it wasn't a mistake hw said someone cause it." "How could he know that." "He was the leader of a forse or what we say today the cops." "I see." "Sasori Itachi,Sasuke,Uncle Madara.....cosin Tobi are all I have left." "It's all going to be okay."Sasori pulled me closer to his chest.I began to cry."Sasori." "It's okay Sasora.It's all going to be okay.Dry those tears.Go take a warmbath." "Okay I'll be back soon."*KNOCK KNOCK*."Sasori can you see who's at the door." "Sure.Hello......WHAT THE..............YOU."