the girl who's 879 miles away

  • what you saw was a smile
    what you saw was everything you needed to see
    but below your Computer screen was a 14 year old girl
    starving, beaten, alone
    but your smile, stories, jokes
    made her full, healthy, popular
    she's not sad anymore
    she sometimes wonders where you are now
    did you make it to Ohio?
    have you found someone New
    do you give them the same gift you used to give her
    have you drawn their selfies
    their dog
    the picture you drew of hers is the only picture she has left
    soon after you were stripped from her life so was her dog
    a beautiful Name
    isn't it?
    well guess what
    "i love you"
    it was awkward, no?
    she remembers how silent you where when the word escaped from her lips
    but she never let it effect her
    because she remembers that she was naive
    Over and over again she thinks about this moment
    as if she could go back and cover her own mouth to keep from saying it
    she sees your drawings
    when she saw your self portrait she cried
    she set it as her background on her laptop almost two years ago and won't Remove it
    she can't tell if she misses you
    but she can still feel as though your presence is there
    although she never held your hand, kissed your lips, nor hugged you
    she could still look at your smile
    which was enough for her
    the world has changed and so have we
    but the one thing that could be keeping her tied to this is a word you said to her
    so she'll be here waiting
    for the word to be broken
    or for it to be in your hands when she sees you
    see you soon
    the girl who's 879 miles away