I Stayed

  • I sat there, worry in my eyes, tears about to roll down my face. Mom in the drivers seat and Ethan in the back seat of the silver Ford Explorer. He was right behind us in a white Chevy. I dont know what model it was exactly, but if I was to ever see it again I'd be able to tell. The phone rung. It was HIM. All he wanted to do was argue. I was tired of having to deal with this, I wanted to jump out of the vehicle hoping that when I did that someone would run me over, squishing my brains, making me forget everything that's ever happened. He kept yelling about how he was hungry, how he hadn't ate anything all day. Well neither have we, but we didn't say a thing and he wouldn't have cared if we did.
    As they parked their vehicles side by side in the parking lot of McDonalds and argued face to face about food I jumped out of the vehicle and walked onto the grass between the parking lot and a busy highway. Only a few steps away from my death I turned back and looked at the terrified look on my brothers face. As if he was begging me not to leave him there. I didn't know what to do.
    As I unfocused from my brother to think I could hear my mother yelling... get back in the car before they call DHR... I wish they would. She doesn't understand how miserable we are. But with her being my mother I acted on instinct and followed her orders. Why? After we were out of McDonalds and headed back home, with him still right up our tale, she got another call. It was HIM again. I could hear them arguing over and over again. I didn't know what it was about and I'm glad that I don't remember.
    She put it on speaker all of a sudden. The words still echo through my mind... i will ram ya'll you stupid bitch and make ya'll wreck and die and don't you think that i won't. Hearing those words come from the speakers made me turn to the backseat to Ethan and grab his hand. I began to break down and cry. Why? Why? Was this my punishment for something? What did I do? What did I do to deserve this? ... i wanna go home... All I could think was that this was not home. This was anything BUT home.
    Soon after that we arrived in the driveway that lead straight back to the pit of Hell. We came to a stop and everyone got out of the car, but me. I sat there frozen with fear, tears still rolling down my face... please take me home god... As though HE would answer me. I asked so many times for him to help before and look at where I still am. Thanks a lot.
    I was alone in the car. It was dark, crowded. I looked down to remember that I still had my phone. I pressed the power button... dead. Again, thanks a fuckin lot GOD! Now I can't escape. I have no way out. I'm stuck here. Until I become selfish enough to abandon Ethan here I'm stuck forever.
    I saw the door open. A little fuzzy creature wiggled out and shakily ran her way to my side of the vehicle. The only person to ever listen to me. My angel Sophia. She was a little white and brown longhaired chihuahua and every day I was graced by her precense. When she jumped in my lap I hugged her so tight, crying, begging for her to help me. But... I don't even think she knew what to do. My one and only best friend and me there alone in the dark. The only person that truely understood my pain and when I did feel pain she was the only one to make me smile.
    Eventually, three hours later after I calmed down enough to control myself, I held tightly onto all of my belongings and dashed to what I considered the safe corner of this Hell.
    It was harder to breathe. I suffocated everyday. I felt trapped. I was trapped.



    I don't remember much after this, but if you guys want me to write more like this then feedback?I guess?