How the NerveGear Could Be made!! (Sword Art Online)

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    Nerve Gear What is it Exactly?

    The NerveGear Is a VRMMO (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online) Gate way Helmet. Which enables humans to access the virtual world connected to the web, In this case it connects to games, reading your thoughts and movements based of various coding in the software..


    What Does it Do???

    The NerveGear Sends the user into a semi-come restricting the user from the real world until they log out from the virtual world. The NerveGear sends the user into a virtual world that emulates and simulates the enviorment and habitat. In addition, It also emulates and simulates sensation and perception.

    Meaning of these words



    a physical feeling or perception resulting from something that happens to or comes into contact with the body.



    the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses


    Meaning that this is Simulating everything you do, Exactly show in the show or Comic

    But exactly what is it doing with your brain?

    The helmet actually sends and Receives/Read information from or to your brain!

    Overall,The helmet serves to read, and transform on brain pulse commands within the virtual world, and to send pulses to the brain in order to emulate sensation and perception. In the case of anime, sending impulses is so advanced that the helmet can make the user to disconnect from the real world and feel literally inside a virtual world. Basically, what the helmet sends are several images per second to the brain in order to emulate an environment (how many frames per second? I do not know, but no lag, then it's more than 24), this along with sensations of pain , cold, ect. All this while keeping the user in a semi-coma, unable to feel, hear, or move your body in the real world, also the result of sending electrical impulses to the brain. This technology in the anime presented is truley Extroadinary!


    How does it work?

    The Helmet uses a Powerfull microwave ( Not the ones you cook with! ) energy blast, Pinpointing one part of the brain to send and receive brain pulse commands to a CPU (Central Processing Unit) Which is one of the main problems. We need an accurate fast CPU that can read quintillions upon quintillions of commands and transform them into binary code (A computer Language). On top of that, It also has to block any unneccsary thoughts and movements. Also, it has to send commands from binary back to brain pulse language to the brain to trick your brain into transmitting thoughts and a series of electrical Pulses through your nuerons to trick your body into thinking that what your doing in the vitual world is really happening causing your 5 senses to be active even if your in a coma. Due to the fact that everything you feel and do is due to the electrons/Thoughts transmitting through your brain. But if you can send commands to the brain to trick it, and repeat and make new patterns within the nuerons in your brain which is were all your memory is stored you can trick you body thinking that it is eating, Hurt, Ect. With out actually harming your self but only physcologically in order to emulate and simulate sensation and perception.

    How the Pain Works

    Whenever you get hurt or such, The game calculates the instensity and size, ect which for example could be a binary code for that certain calculation 1110101 which is sent to the CPU and then transformed back into brain pulses and will do the trick. Also this works with any other thing like your 5 senses.. Such as what you feel or touch or hear!



    Of course theres an Long lasting eternal battery in case something is wrong with the power source and then the User will be warned in both virtual and real world the battery percentage and whether its being charged. If in case something were to go wrong with anything the user wil automatically be disconnected from the virtual world to prevent accidents that might occur. Also, You have to have a ethernet cable to connect the the web with everyone else. In addition to state the fact that what ever other detail that I missed (Which is skipped a lot) Will go through the same system with the brain and CPU and Game . To ensure the saftey of people their are special screens to ensure their eye damage is kept minimal while still sustaining the perfect life like graphics. On top of that, People will be logged out after a certain amount of time since food in the game will not satisfy your average human needs to ensure the saftey of the customers due to saftey Percuations!!


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    TheRogueAsian Well actually They have REAL beta Testing thats in 10 years development There accepting a few people right now! Amazing website with trailer Check it out !!!
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    TheRogueAsian They trying to figure out alot of things first they have to conduct experiments on the movements and how it would work by making the testers right now actually conduct those movement and they using state of the ark technology to make the graphics real...  more
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